Pasir Ris Kitchen Garden

          P.R.K.G. learning

By Ameyaa, Madeline and Ayaan (Grade 2)

At Pasir Ris we visit David and May we help them with the garden we help them with leaf picking and weeding we also help them with raking.we go to Pasir Ris because most of our main topics are related to it.

We go to Pasir Ris every other week.when we go to Pasir Ris we first meet in the little hut.

Then we go to do the gardening.sometimes we water the plants.we also do other activities like sketching and drawing the plants. The flowers sometimes smell nice or disgusting.

Sometimes we visit the mangroves.

Sometimes we walk around Pasir Ris.

By Ameyaa,madeline and Ayaan



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