Why is Media NOT a New Idea?

In class, we reflected on the apps which we use the most on our mobile phones. For me, it was between social media apps and news apps. I then chose to further investigate the history of news reporting and presented my findings via a timeline in an infographic. Through this, I discovered that there have been many advancements of news reporting, all of which are still relevant today. Beginning with word of mouth, to newspapers and printing, to motion pictures and radio, television, and then apps and websites. Through these changes of news reporting throughout the years, there have been more opportunities for journalism-related professions, as well as enabling more studies dedicated to news and media.

As seen through the example of news reporting, media is not a new idea, it has just expanded to different forms. Technological advancements have transformed the ways news can be reported, as it is just a different platform to communicate globally. The content presented stays the same. Media are the ways or tools which we use so we can communicate or deliver information or data. The ways which we choose to use media is then relevant to time and situation.

A Culture of Thinking: ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life’ TED Talk

One of the most influential platforms for many people are TED Talks, where news and educational lessons can be shared across the world. Into this coming year where I transitioned into a new school in a new country, having been so comfortable in my previous school, I found relevance and opportunity for application to one video in particular. In the TEDx ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life’, Sam Berns, a teenage boy diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder Progeria, describes the 3 philosophies of which he lives his life by, being:

  1. Be ok with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much that you can do
  2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around
  3. Keep moving forward

Coming forward I intend to pursue or reference the philosophies mentioned in the video, learning of the impact which it has made upon Sam’s life. This eye-opening talk has allowed me to put things in perspectives, consider the privileges in my life, and learn to think deeply about the concept of gratitude. Moving to Singapore was beyond my control, however, it is within my control to decide how I want to spend my time here and who with. I do wish that I can find happiness and move forward from my life in Bangkok.

Goals for 2020

Coming into this academic year as a new student to UWCSEA East, having just moved from NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, there were a lot of adjustments and unfamiliar aspects of the school which have drastically changed both my personal and and student life. In terms of academics, entering grade 10, I was not eligible to take the IGCSE program, and therefore take the FIB curriculum with a smaller pool of students. Hence, my goals for the academic year of 2020 are as follows:

  1. Immerse myself with students beyond my FIB peer group, learn about other students within the year and their backgrounds
  2. Push myself to take up and commit to sports, service, and extracurricular activities to maximise the opportunities available to enrich my student life at the campus