AIDA (Beginning)

AIDA, our school’s 2018/19 Music Production, is something that I was really excited to be part of. Having always performed classical pieces as a solo or a duet, I figured that it would be a good and new challenge to learn to perform as a part of a larger band while also expanding my musical knowledge into the the “Rock” genre. The beginning was quite challenging as I had to understand how to read a new form of music, while also learning to play chords on beat. The fast tempo of learning also made it quite hard for me to adapt because, as a classical musician, it takes me around a year to perfect 3 songs, therefore having to learn 3 songs in one rehearsal was tough. The whole beginning phase sums of LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process, as I have developed the new skill of working in a band, playing Rock music and speeding up my ability to learn. I find it the most confusing to keep to the rhythm and play the melody lines as fast as they are meant to be played, which sometimes causes the band to stop playing as I had made a lot of mistakes. However, thanks to the characteristics of Rock music, it allowed us for flexibility within the pieces. I originally expected that we had to follow the score, similar to classical music, however, that was not the case as improvisation and adjustments are key to the genre of Rock music. I think hat in the next few weeks with a few more whole band rehearsals, the puzzles will start to fit together will really start to live up to its name. This interesting process will carry on and I cant wait to hear the end product.

Football (Midway)

Football 2018 (Mid-season review)
Learning Outcomes
– Resilience
– Communicator

Having played in two tournaments and 6 ACSIS league games, I am so proud of the boys. Playing with flair, playing for the badge on our shirt is always a great feeling. Mid way through the season and only 3 weeks away from the most important tournament, SEASAC, I figured today would be a good day to spend some time and reflect upon this fantastic 2 month journey. First of all, I am extremely proud of the boys who helped our school win the Stamford Lions tournament, the Dragons Friendship tournament, 4 ACSIS games and draw 2, our unbeaten season carries on into the final 2 weeks of the season! From a personal perspective, I would say that I demonstrated resilience and communicative skills throughout the season through guiding the u19 defensive debutants through verbal and physical demonstration. In terms of resilience, when coming up against opponents that I know are good, I had to overcome the idea of anxiety and nervousness (sports psychology topic) which usually prohibits me from playing to my full potential. Therefore, by getting motivated by my Coaches and teammates I managed to install a sense of confidence and belief inside of me. If I had to be critical about my performances so far, I would say that I still need to give a more consistent 100% effort display whereby after each game I come out exhausted, having given my best in the match. In order to achieve this I need to be more confident in my abilities and push myself more in fitness training and football training. These 2-3 months are representative of LO1, which states that “Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth”. I have seen a lot of growth in my confidence but I am also aware to not be overconfident. In addition, I have also seen positives in my footballing skills, scoring 3 goals so far this season, more than last year, which only motivates me to strive for more and help Dragons do well in this years’ SEASAC tournament. In order to improve I have made the most out of my October break by going to the gym and running 4km almost everyday with the hopes of reaching peak fitness before SEASAC. I look forward to our last league game of the season, Friday Night Lights and SEASAC.

My goal against Dover


SGM Murni CAS reflection #1

With 3 weeks done of SGM Murni, I am quite surprised with how things are going quite smooth. Being a sports enthusiast, SGM Murni is a way for me to connect my service learning with my sport interest. Although gymnastics is not a sport that I have a lot of knowledge on, it is an amazing opportunity for me to work with low-income background children and provide them the happiness that they may lack in a challenging society. So far, we have made essential agreements, visited the school and have had one lesson in the gymnasium to not only understand our clients but also dwell deep into the concepts of gymnastics. These first three weeks have primarily focused on LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience​. The demonstration aspect was presented through our discussion on essential agreements and SMART goals. These helped us, as a group, understand our end goal of the service while also learning to communicate with peers to perform gymnastics.

Maths and Me

My previous experience with Math was IGCSE where I took part in the additional mathematics and cambridge international mathematics course. While the CIM course was compulsory, I took part in the Additional Mathematics course as I have deep interest in algebra and wanted to challenge myself during my IGCSE math journey. I believed that taking the Add-math course would not only allow me to step outside my comfort zone, but also allow for me to indulge in new, fascinating concepts. I have a genuine strong passion for math and have a love for the challenges that it provides me. I do not worry about facing the “tough” problems as my interest and willingness to develop my mathematical knowledge is what allows me to quickly grasp new concepts and learn from mistakes.

I would place myself closer to the right hand side of the spectrum because I learn better when I am with other peers and I also know that there are certain topics that my peers can help explain me better. I also do work things out for myself if I am confident with the concept. Whenever I come across a misunderstanding, I usually ask a friend or teacher to help clarify my mistake and then I proceed to do a lot of practice to nail down the concept. It is in math where I demonstrate my diligence, organised and risk-taking characteristics as I know that math can be very heavy at points and it requires these in order to be more successful. I have developed my diligence, organisation and risk-taking characteristics over time through experience and failures.

In general, I am very excited to take part on this amazing journey and am ready to work hard to learn from this great opportunity.

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