Maths and Me

My previous experience with Math was IGCSE where I took part in the additional mathematics and cambridge international mathematics course. While the CIM course was compulsory, I took part in the Additional Mathematics course as I have deep interest in algebra and wanted to challenge myself during my IGCSE math journey. I believed that taking the Add-math course would not only allow me to step outside my comfort zone, but also allow for me to indulge in new, fascinating concepts. I have a genuine strong passion for math and have a love for the challenges that it provides me. I do not worry about facing the “tough” problems as my interest and willingness to develop my mathematical knowledge is what allows me to quickly grasp new concepts and learn from mistakes.

I would place myself closer to the right hand side of the spectrum because I learn better when I am with other peers and I also know that there are certain topics that my peers can help explain me better. I also do work things out for myself if I am confident with the concept. Whenever I come across a misunderstanding, I usually ask a friend or teacher to help clarify my mistake and then I proceed to do a lot of practice to nail down the concept. It is in math where I demonstrate my diligence, organised and risk-taking characteristics as I know that math can be very heavy at points and it requires these in order to be more successful. I have developed my diligence, organisation and risk-taking characteristics over time through experience and failures.

In general, I am very excited to take part on this amazing journey and am ready to work hard to learn from this great opportunity.

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  1. Paul La Rondie

    Thanks for your comments Aansh
    I love reading words like ‘passion’ and ‘excited’ with reference to Maths in this post! This is something we share as you will find out!
    Your experiences in Add maths will be useful to you as you continue through the course and I look forward to being on that ‘journey’ with you (I loved your use of this word too!)


    Great to read these positive words Aansh as to how you plan to get through this course. Having resilience in trying alone, and then waiting and returning without ‘looking up the answer’ is also important. Also, make sure you do enjoy the ride – look around and enjoy the scenery from time to time! 🙂

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