SGM Murni- Midway- Learning Outcome 5

Halfway through SGM Murni and what a journey it has been. Learning outcome 5 is the new objective I feel I have accomplished over the course of these 7 months and have noticed the importance of being “able to identify, demonstrate and critically discuss the benefits and challenges of collaboration gained through CAS experiences.” My collaboration with the chair of the Service, Molly, was one that not only required physical exercise to coach the children, but also required communication skills to interact with the two parties involved with the service during SWOT analysis. Molly and I had to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of our leadership in the service as well as gain insight from the Teachers of SGM Murni on where we could improve for the coming years.

Additionally, when working with younger children I noticed how it was extremely challenging to keep them calm and relaxed. A lot of the times they would run around and cause havoc, causing us as coaches to question the safety for the children. Therefore, through “parent” like discussions, I would have to explain to them the concept of patience and safety to ensure that they could have the most fun in a safe environment. Therefore, it is through my guidance I noticed how the children, especially Shaquielle, responded with positivity and calm nature. This in turn allowed for the coach to student relationship to improve. It was a heart warming feeling when¬†Shaquielle ran up to me and hugged, wanting to be with me for the whole session, which suggests how the relationship between the students has improved to a great extent due to our collaboration. Below is an image of a part of the group collaborative document where we planned activities to ensure physical skill development.

As we approach the last few weeks of service, I want to make sure I can build a strong bond with all, if not most of the children through my “parental” guidance and collaboration skills alongside my fellow coaches.

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