EE Day #EEday

    • One thing I’ve learned: I have learned how to structure my EE. My discussion with Ms. Werner was crucial as she managed to identify a key question which is required to be answered ( the “So what?” question). This provides critical analysis and understanding of the context with which the texts are set in. I also noticed that I am struggling to find a third thesis strand because one pair of the poems I chose didn’t form a common theme as they were of different themes.
    • What I’m proud of: I am most proud of my time management skills, I have managed to hit the 1000 words goal. This allows for me to edit and improve whatever I have written so far and to check in with my supervisor to see if I am heading in the right direction.
    • What I’ll be doing next: My next steps include finalising my third thesis point and then to begin my second body paragraph. This will happen after I identifying the “So what?” of BP1 and also finding a new pair of poems which can be analysed via a common theme.
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