EE Day #EEday

One thing I’ve learned: I have learned how to structure my EE. My discussion with Ms. Werner was crucial as she managed to identify a key question which is required to be answered ( the “So what?” question). This provides critical analysis and understanding of the context with which the texts are set in. I … [Read more…]

服务博客 2018年11月24日    星期六 8:42 做义工经历 因为我们在学校学习IB国际文凭课程,所以课程要求我们参与社会活动。行动与服务计划是IB的中心课程之一,目的是希望学生通过社会实践服务动去体验生活。 我参加的活动叫SGM Murni,我和九个同学组织大概十二名三到四岁的小朋友一起做体操、玩游戏。参加这个活动是因为我喜欢体育运动,也喜欢跟小朋友一起玩儿。 这些小朋友来自低收入家庭,所以他们面临经济挑战,在生活上有一些限制。我们做的活动是拉、跳、旋转等动作,之后我们会跑步,玩游戏。除了要教他们体操以外,也要让他们锻炼身体。我希望给这些孩子享受这个活动,同时让他们感觉到快乐和自由。 总的来说,刚开始我觉得会很简单,后来发现并不容易。这次做义工的经历,让我学到了如何跟小朋友相处。因为照顾小朋友既要有耐心,又要有爱心。我也理解了父母的艰辛,以后我要感恩我的父母。通过这次活动我也变得更成熟。 大家对做义工有什么其他的看法呢?请给我留言。  

Football u19A (End)

After 9 weeks of hard-work, passion and dedication, the football 18/19 season has come to an end. I am proud to have played alongside fantastic young boys who showed commitment and resilience throughout the whole of this season, being examples on and off the pitch. It was unfortunate that we drew against SAIS which in … [Read more…]