Simei Care Centre


In January we only had one activity session in SCC. Our theme for the 15th was Lunar New Year which was coming up in February. So we decided to make paper lanterns  that could be hung around the community centre. I think this workshop was successful because all materials were readily available and the students could easily teach each member since the crafting was simple to follow. Also, one of the members mentioned that they liked this activity because they celebrated CNY with their family and that it reminded her of fond memories. During the other two session in January, we held a reflective meeting with one of the workers in SCC to write up a SWOT analysis. They thought that our sessions with the members have become increasingly engaging but we need to be more mindful about our time constraints and the materials we buy. The last day (29 January) was just planning for February and March sessions.


Two out of our three February sessions were cooking. For the 12th we wanted to make V-day cards in light of Valentine’s day. I believe that during craft session it is easier to hold a conversation with the member you’re working with. Generally, I’ve found that many of the members like things related to music; whether it be their favourite genre, making music, or singing. The next session on the 19th we wanted to make a simple dish but something foreign that none of the SCC members have made or eaten. We choose to do Quesadillas with choices of fillings that would cater to vegetarians and non-veggies. The last session of this month were peanut butter and chocolate coated cornflakes. We decided it would be better to alternate between savoury and sweet recipes. To make the process quicker we tried divide the students into different groups and allocate a station for them (peanut butter station, melting chocolate, coating cornflakes). One of the good things about cooking is that the member are generally more excited about learning international dishes such as Quesadilla.¬†¬†

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