• Ballet
  • Ballet 12.3.19

    Last October I took my exam for Intermediate Foundation to get into the Intermediate level. We received our results and everyone has passed with a merit or distinction. I was expecting to pass the exam with a basic certificate but I scored a merit 🙂 My exam results have encouraged me to continue with my […]

  • Dance Showcase 2019
  • Dance Showcase 2019

    It has been five months, give or take, of extensive planning and organising. The committee had their first meeting on the 31st of  October 2018, and continued to do so every Wednesday. This year’s Dance Showcase our title was ‘Uncaged’ and our theme focused on political, social, and personal conflicts. The dances submitted this year […]

  • Extended Essay
  • Initial EE Post

    The EE proposals that I was most keen on were all related to my HL subjects (Art, History, Literature). I was approved for my Art EE submission with the research questions being: How does Johann Heinrich Fuseli reject early classicism in his depictions of the supernatural? Since the submission my research question has evolved to: […]

  • JSK
  • JSK – 22.1.19

    Our grade is starting to look into their project week plans and our GC is hoping to send a team to Jakarta to work alongside the children. Currently, me and other members in the GC are unsure on who should be going and if we can open this project week plan to more than one […]

  • Ballet
  • Ballet 8.1.19

    It was difficult to get back to doing dance after a three week break.  Our teacher changed all the combinations in barre, centre, and pointe, each being part of this year’s exam and being more technically challenging. This class was intimidating because I had missed the first two classes of this year and did not […]

  • Academics
  • Manipulating Statistics

    Misusing data is relevant in supporting a personal agenda. Statistics are manipulated to elicit support for a campaign, selling products, and misleading people to change their point of view. This can be done in various ways including biased sample, misapplying averages, or inaccurately displaying data with graphs. Data can be easily grouped in different forms […]