EE Second Interim Reflection

On August 27th, I had my second reflective meeting on my EE, to get feedback on my first draft. During the break before the first submission, I had to change my research question, however, I didn’t know how to do it so I had to write the essay the best way I could following an idea I had in mind. Therefore, the rc2 was essential to help me understand how I should fix my essay and RQ.  I had written a descriptive essay with little analysis, but after the meeting, I understood what were my next steps to fix it, as well as, had a better understanding of the kind of research and analysis I should be doing in order to answer my RQ. I was able to formulate my research question, in such a way I wouldn’t need to do a lot of extra research, just rewrite the essay in a more analytical format.

Project Week Reflection 1

So far I’m almost done with my project week planning. Until now it was a pretty interesting experience with a lot of ups and downs. Started going up when we had to send the proposals, but it down when we got denied and had to started thinking about about other options. Then we found Cambodia, a great place for all the categories involving CAS. My group and I wanted to focus on Service and Activity. We found a really good Activity provider that also care about sustainability and will give us the opportunity to work in the kitchen and in the farms. The Service partner was a down part of the planning because we had a lot of trouble trying to find a good partner that was interested in letting us work with them for such a short period of time. However, in the end we got everything sorted.

This project week planning was a great opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills as I had to put my group in order so we could met the deadlines and planning an enjoyable trip. It was challenging as we had to contact many people and there was a lot of information essential for our trip that had be solved, but I still overcame them. In addition, collaboration was essential for this, from me and from all of the people in my group, as each of us had to do our tasks and more in order to meet the deadlines. I would say it was a tough process but still fun, and it was a great opportunity to get to know better some of the people in my group that I wasn’t really close to.

EE day Reflection

Today I learnt the next steps I should take in order to start my EE and do it properly. Now I got a better understanding of what a Business EE looks like and what kind of information we should include in it. After one of the presentations, it opened my mind to the different options of resources I had. In addition, with the MLA presentations it help me think how I can organise my work so later I don’t have problems. I’m proud that now I’ve achieved a point where I can start putting my research together in other to start writing my EE.

EE Initial Reflection

In order to develop the outline of my EE, I first spoke to one of the persons I will be interviewing as a primary source to get a better understanding of the topic, after doing that and the meeting that all students doing business EE had together, I was able to develop the outline. Afterwards, had a second meeting with Mr Steele in order to improve it and make it more adequate. After this meeting I started to face some problems as I started to think what ways I could get my primary sources and how useful and reliable they would be. In addition, the person I’m going to interview informed me that she will be leaving at the beginning of summer break. At first I wasn’t understanding how the EE would look like and what kind of information I should have but now I’m more aware of it and I’m thinking of best sources I could get.



Boxing/Muay Thai activity reflection

I’ve trained Muay Thai for 4 years before joining this activity, so I didn’t have to go through the process of learning it, what put me in an advantage compared to the other people in the activity. However, it was a great experience because I met new people and I also got to help my friends, as I have experience. It was a bit challenging for me as I was a bit out of shape, but in the end I got to train a lot and enjoy it.

Photography activity

Joining this activity was a great think, I had the chance to experience a lot of new things, like working with different equipment and learning how they work, learning how to use them properly and also practising and training to understand the best settings for a camera when taking picture under certain circumstances. The great think is that I also got to use the skills that I learnt in trips and also events that I went to. For example, during the CNY break I went a family event and I had to take the pictures, and I knew that as it was a small and dark place I would have to use a flash, and in the activity I learnt the proper way to use flash under those circumstances to make the picture have a better lighting, and because of  this the pictures were really good with proper lighting.


Service reflection

For my service I made this video reflection that summarises our entire experience in this half year. I’ve learnt a lot about Alzheimer and I got out of my comfort zone when I had to interact with elder people with a disease, as I never had done it before it was really challenging in the beginning, but by the end of the half term I was really confided and comfortable in doing it making the service and my meeting with the resident even better.


Goals for 2018 – CAS

Until now I’ve learnt new skills in the photography club and was able to apply them over the break (Pictures included), I was able to collaborate in Boxing and Photography club by teaching/helping friends that had problem with something that I had the experience, definitely faced challenges in my service when I had to interact with seniors with chronic diseases and I had no experience with it, but by the end of the year I was really confortable and able to interact having any problems or being disrespectful . Lastly, I increased my awareness of my own body and limits in the boxing club and also increased my understanding of Alzheimer.

On the other hand, until now I wasn’t able to take leadership in my activities/service. In order to do it I will try my best to take the role of leader. In addition, las year I missed a few of the sessions for my activities, so this year I will try my best to not miss anymore.



What happened to me last week that had an impact in my life? – L05

Going around the school looking for a client for computer science product


  • It was a really important task I had to complete in order to move forward with my project. It require a lot thinking and effort because I had to think and prepare a short presentation about it and I was a bit worried.


  • To achieve it I had to spent a long time deciding and planning the project and had to go around the school trying to find slots in the teacher in charge of Focus Africa GC calendar that would fit mine so I could present my project and try to see if they could be possible clients. To find the slots with the teachers I checked their google calendar and email them giving a brief explanation of the project so I would lose my time having a meeting with them, to in the end not be able to follow through. For example, I first scheduled a meeting with Louisa Radford and then I emailed her, if I hadn’t I would spent a lunchtime talking to her that I could finding other clients.


  • This experience helped me have an idea how it works in universities when you need help with a project. So I feel I can take away from this is a something that I learnt that I can improve next time to do even more efficiently.
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