Project Week Reflection 1

So far I’m almost done with my project week planning. Until now it was a pretty interesting experience with a lot of ups and downs. Started going up when we had to send the proposals, but it down when we got denied and had to started thinking about about other options. Then we found Cambodia, a great place for all the categories involving CAS. My group and I wanted to focus on Service and Activity. We found a really good Activity provider that also care about sustainability and will give us the opportunity to work in the kitchen and in the farms. The Service partner was a down part of the planning because we had a lot of trouble trying to find a good partner that was interested in letting us work with them for such a short period of time. However, in the end we got everything sorted.

This project week planning was a great opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills as I had to put my group in order so we could met the deadlines and planning an enjoyable trip. It was challenging as we had to contact many people and there was a lot of information essential for our trip that had be solved, but I still overcame them. In addition, collaboration was essential for this, from me and from all of the people in my group, as each of us had to do our tasks and more in order to meet the deadlines. I would say it was a tough process but still fun, and it was a great opportunity to get to know better some of the people in my group that I wasn’t really close to.

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