New year, same things

August 19th marked the day that Grade 10 was set to start. Normally when you start a new school year there’s a sort of buzz that you have; however this year it didn’t really sink into me that school was starting until I was at school. When in school grounds instead of feeling ecstatic for a new school year it felt the same and I had a disheartening feeling. As from Grade 9 to 10 we are still doing the same course so nothing major changes. Coming back to school meant I was back into the same routine as I had last year whether it was academically or my sport.

Grade 10 is the year we have mocks and our actual IGCSE exams. Learning from my mocks last year I know what I want to achieve academically; as I did not do as well as I wanted in some subjects. Now I know what I can do to achieve the goals I have set after my Grade 9 mocks, so I can do well in my G 10 mocks and final exams.

Sport is a big part of my school life and life outside of school. Before school even started I had already played a game outside of school, which I am used to. As the first season of activities start and my sport isn’t in season however we are trialing for Brisbane which will also help determine the SEASAC team for the next season.

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