PSE Reflection: “Gun laws are only part of the issue.”

“Gun laws are only part of the issue.”


In my opinion, guns are the action that stems from the prejudice of the extremist. Though banning guns can help reduce the amount of casualties and put an end to all these shootings, it does not stop the prejudice and discrimination. These views stem from the person’s own beliefs, and I personally believe that is the main issue. There is an evident lack of empathy towards our out-groups in this world, however some people take it to extremes and develop warped prejudicial propagandas against minorities. There’s so much hatred towards those who are in groups we do not identify with, and acts of pure hatred such as the Christchurch shootings only breed more hatred as we’ve seen with communities condemning the shooter. Yes, what he did was completely disgusting and unjust, but his one act of hatred has spread beyond the actual event.


Though in times like this, the world comes together to console and mourn, anger is also born and it may only result in more violence being spread. It’s a vicious cycle which transcends that of just gun laws. Even though I personally believe guns should be banned, we need to also look at the cognitive processing of these people and come to the root of the issue; why do we exclude and hate? How do we make people more understanding and empathetic? Whether this is something we can teach to younger generations or not, it is something we must strive towards. Only with true understanding can we come together and accept each other, putting aside meaningless wars and conflict that only result in hatred and death.


Marushka Rout

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