CAS Reflection: Creativity (HS Arts Club) – Reflection 3

CAS Reflection: Creativity

HS Arts Club

Reflection 3


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.


For our final project, we planned to create a mural which incorporated all of our art styles to represent the HS Arts Club, and at the same time we had a baby dragon looking up at countries dangling from the top of the painting, each of which is a host country to a different UWC campus. As I mentioned in my last reflection, the planning process really needed to involve everybody working together in order to reach the final plan of what we were going to do.


Then, once we came up with the plan, each of us designed a possible draft for our countries. We showed each other our draft and we were allowed to give feedback to each other on what was good and what we could do to improve it for the final piece. Working together like that was insightful to me as it allowed me to see the different range of perspectives of other artists rather than someone who will just tell me that “it’s good” or that “it’s bad”. We did this previously when we were brainstorming ideas and it was by using everyone’s ideas that we were able to create a whole piece.

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