R3 – Viva Voce Reflection

Researching for this essay was a great experience. I used secondary data from credible sources as it’s difficult to conduct biological experiments on neurone function and genetics and there is an abundance of research available regarding empathy. However, if I were to rewrite my essay, I would develop both the biological side and psychological side more by including theories about evolution and empathy and maybe developing my mentioning of Social Identity Theory and Social Cognitive Theory a bit more. Though I don’t think this could lead to a different outcome, I feel as though the overall arguments presented could offer a more in-depth analysis and conclusion than what resulted from my final draft. Additionally, strengthening the overall argument that empathy can be an antidote to racism is something that could be improved too as well as giving concrete evidence for racism and a lack of empathy in Singapore. This could be done by sending out a questionnaire to both international students as well as the local Singaporean community. Overall, I’m still pleased with the way my essay turned out as well as uncovering empathy in a lot of depth.

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