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CAS Reflection: Activity (Culturama) – Reflection 2

CAS Reflection: Activity

Culturama 2018 Ghana

Reflection 2


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Show commitment to and perseverance in your CAS experiences.


After many weeks of preparation, the final week of performances arrived and I’m honestly really happy with the results. With all the practices and changes with formation and positioning, I believe that we were all able to give a great performance, and we all had so much fun while doing so too!

From watching the video back, I can already see a lot more confidence in the way I’m moving and I’m really glad about that. As I mentioned in my first reflection, I found it tricky to keep up with the rest of the other dancers as well as the fact that I got nervous frequently while dancing. I would say that by dedicating myself to running through the steps frequently with my friends helped me build up my confidence. Additionally, once I started becoming more comfortable with the moves, I began having a lot more fun at each practice session since I wasn’t as worried about making mistakes.

This in turn allowed me to become more comfortable with performing on stage, especially during our first dress rehearsal. During this rehearsal, we had to run through all the countries’ performances in front of the entire cast as we were all working on positioning and order/run throughs. Hearing the applause as well as the constructive criticism from those who weren’t a part of Ghana’s dance helped with building my confidence on stage to a point where I became unafraid of performing in front of large audiences. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed being near the front for one section of the dance whereas prior to this moment I was completely dreading the thought of being in front.

The entire experience of Culturama was tiring, yet incredible for me as it allowed me to work towards overcoming some of my weaknesses as well as letting me try out an activity which I’ve always admired and been curious about. Even though this experience doesn’t make me a dancer, I still have gained a much deeper appreciation for dancing than I thought I ever could by acknowledging the amount of preparation and how physically taxing it can be at times. Overall, I’m really glad I got the opportunity to take part this year and I’m even thinking of doing so next year if I’m able to make the time for it!

CAS Reflection: Activity (Culturama) – Reflection 1

CAS Reflection: Activity

Culturama 2018 Ghana

Reflection 1


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.


Our school holds an annual dance spectacle for high schoolers to audition and take part in which revolves around the idea of showcasing different dances that represent different countries. It’s an effective way to show and celebrate the diversity in our school and dancers always have a lot of fun while doing so. This year was my first time auditioning and I auditioned for South Korea, Ghana, and Hawaii. I was incredibly nervous in doing so due to the obvious issue at hand being that I am in no way shape or form a dancer of any kind. In fact, this was my first time ever signing up for a school production.

Luckily, I managed to get accepted into Ghana so at the moment I’m currently attending the practice every Thursday lunchtime. As I don’t have any dance experience at all, my major challenge at the moment is learning all the steps. I seem to be unable to properly get the step down instantly just by watching it in front of me. Another issue aside from my lack of experience is that I also am shy/ have a slight stage fright issue which tends to impede my performance a little bit. I think most of it comes from not wanting to be judged, and by putting myself out on a stage to dance I’m practically asking for eyes to be on me.

As one can see from the video, I often messed up the steps, partially from nerves from being recorded and partially from not having really gotten the hang of them. With each session, I’m hoping to become more proficient in doing them as we practice more and more, and just to get a feel for it I’ve already begun practicing them at home (though I don’t have a mirror to judge for myself). Since a few of my friends are also in the same dance, it’s helping me assimilate into the environment as well as the fact that it helps me in becoming comfortable with performing in front of people.

I think overall though, I’m able to get the steps down with enough practice, but I need to become comfortable with any form of being watched. Aside from attempting to introduce myself to an activity that may potentially be really fun while helping me in improving my fitness through physical exertion, I would like to also improve my confidence in putting myself in front of a large audience and I think that this is a great way to do so.