The learning behind the science fest

This year there was a science fest, and astronomy club was taking part in it. The club has split into groups according to what we were interested in learning about. Amelia and I choose to learn about spectroscopy and where light originates from. From a learning perspective, this was an fun experience, as we not… Continue Reading The learning behind the science fest

Conceptual understandings about Reason

Despite the perception of reasoning being a pure method of decision making, when applied to real life situations it is still subject to numerous cognitive and paradigm biases that influence the premises we start with, and therefore the claim we end up with. No one is really free of bias and in some way or… Continue Reading Conceptual understandings about Reason

Preparing for the transtion

LO3 INITIATIVE (Planning and initiated activities) When we started preparing for the transition, one of the biggest questions facing our group was “what next?”, “what ideas do we have for the volunteers, and the sales cart?”. After a couple of sessions, I suggested we could try out quilling. Realising that this was a completely foreign craft… Continue Reading Preparing for the transtion