• Academic
  • EE Final Reflection

    Throughout this year-long journey, I am happy that I was able to express my passion for modern history through a legal scope, with a research question narrowed enough for me to explore key aspects of modernisation. I noticed my achievements when I was redrafting accordingly to the feedback, because I realised how thorough my research […]

  • Activities
  • Her Healthy Habits Reflection 1

    I started joining Her Healthy Habits, which is an activity held every Monday after school with Ms.Ashton. I joined so that I will be able to gain a further balance between academics and physical activity, given how hectic the final year of IB can be. Additionally, I wanted to explore more types of training and […]

  • CAS
  • Project Week Demonstration

    This valuable experience provided me with an extensive knowledge of NGOs in developing countries. I realised how difficult it is for NGOs in those countries to figure out the logistics and such due to their limitations in their educational or societal backgrounds. Additionally, as a global politics student, I wanted to learn more about the […]

  • CAS
  • JAS Hula Dance Performance

    On 9 September, I performed at the National Stadium for the Japanese Association Summer Festival 2018. I performed with the  30 other dancers from my Hula dance class in front of a huge audience. I only danced one dance, which was Kahiko (the traditional dance) but I think it was a nice way to put […]

  • Extended Essay
  • EE Interim Reflection

    Reflecting on the 4000-word submission, I am satisfied with the work I did since I developed my understanding of the Japanese constitution and its implication. I think all the secondary research provided me sufficient insights to establish my own argument with credible supporting historiographies. From the feedback, I realised that I need to change the […]

  • EA
  • EA Interview Transcript

      Questions Answer First of all, I just want to make sure; Are you comfortable with answering questions that ask your opinion about the Singaporean government? Okay, so I won’t answer if there’s any that I don’t want to answer. Afa started in 1988 and I assume there were many difficulties or conflicts between the […]

  • EA
  • EA Engagement 4: interview with Afa

    On 15 August 2018, I went for an interview with Afa’s executive director, Sumita Banerjee. The aim of this interview was to clarify the potential difficulties that they have faced as a non-state actor and whether or not they recognise the rising legitimacy of non-state actors in Singapore. Surprisingly, she stated that Afa had never […]