• PSE Sexualization Reflection

    Prompt: Which questions does the presentation force you to ask yourself? The PSE presentation was about sexualization in the modern media, and it not only highlighted the sexualization of women but also men. We talked about how women and men are portrayed in advertisements and such, and this related to how some teenagers are negatively […]

  • Activities
  • MUNOFS 2017

    From November 3rd to 5th, there was a MUN conference held in OFS. I was in ICJ (International Court of Justice) as a judge, and it was my first time in this committee. Before the conference, I was a little nervous since I did not understand the procedures that much, and was not familiar with […]

  • Academic
  • Is Liberalism in Retreat?

    Liberalism ideologies have been accepted and implemented in many states especially after World War 2 because it often leads to free trade, unity in diversity, protection of individual rights and a peaceful world. However, there is a argument that liberalism is in retreat, considering the recent occurrences such as the election of Trump or Brexit. […]

  • Academic
  • TOK Arts Day

    Today was the TOK arts day and looked at art from a very critical point of view. In the morning, the whole grade separated into groups of ten to discuss whether given art pieces should be banned or not. These discussions were very interesting because everyone’s argument differed depending on the person’s cultural/personal background. Many […]