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  • EA Interview Transcript

      Questions Answer First of all, I just want to make sure; Are you comfortable with answering questions that ask your opinion about the Singaporean government? Okay, so I won’t answer if there’s any that I don’t want to answer. Afa started in 1988 and I assume there were many difficulties or conflicts between the […]

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  • EA Engagement 4: interview with Afa

    On 15 August 2018, I went for an interview with Afa’s executive director, Sumita Banerjee. The aim of this interview was to clarify the potential difficulties that they have faced as a non-state actor and whether or not they recognise the rising legitimacy of non-state actors in Singapore. Surprisingly, she stated that Afa had never […]

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  • EA Engagement 3: Afa volunteer

    On 21 July 2018, I went for my second volunteering to Afa (Action for AIDS) and there, I had an HIV testing training. The organization separates the testing process into; registration, pre-counseling, testing and post-counseling. Since I’ve already done the training for the reception, I attended the training for the testing stage; where one volunteer […]

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  • Glopo EA motivation

    I am going to work with an organization called Action for AIDS (AFA) in Singapore. It is an organization that advocates not only for voluntary AIDS check-ups, but also organise educational campaigns to combat discrimination against people with AIDS in Singapore. Their significant contribution in this field demonstrates the government’s dependency on non-state actors. Hence, […]