• Academic
  • Glopo EA motivation

    I am going to work with an organization called Action for AIDS (AFA) in Singapore. It is an organization that advocates not only for voluntary AIDS check-ups, but also organise educational campaigns to combat discrimination against people with AIDS in Singapore. Their significant contribution in this field demonstrates the government’s dependency on non-state actors. Hence, […]

  • Global Politics
  • Pandemic!

    During the global politics class on February 5th, we played a game called Pandemics! with four people per team to learn the connection with the key concept of globalization and interdependence along with the unit of global public health. Throughout this game, no one was assigned a country but a role such as medics or […]

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  • Is Liberalism in Retreat?

    Liberalism ideologies have been accepted and implemented in many states especially after World War 2 because it often leads to free trade, unity in diversity, protection of individual rights and a peaceful world. However, there is a argument that liberalism is in retreat, considering the recent occurrences such as the election of Trump or Brexit. […]