• Academic
  • EE Final Reflection

    Throughout this year-long journey, I am happy that I was able to express my passion for modern history through a legal scope, with a research question narrowed enough for me to explore key aspects of modernisation. I noticed my achievements when I was redrafting accordingly to the feedback, because I realised how thorough my research […]

  • CAS
  • PPIS final reflection

    Throughout this academic year, I joined a local service called PPIS. This service was carried out every Friday after school and we had the opportunity to interact with kids from around 3 to 5 years old. Around 15 of them came every week and we planned activities every week to fulfill the creativity aspect of […]

  • Extended Essay
  • EE First Reflection

    I decided to explore the post-war Japanese occupation because I never had an opportunity to learn Japan’s post-war history in my previous Japanese secondary school, despite it being a relevant topic in Japan today. Once I decided on the topic, I started reading academic books from Duus and Dower to note all the evidence and […]