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  • Service: MINDs Tampines Reflection #3

    Date: 21st January 2019 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V5SLY6It9zHVFwtyeOnWAwUqdSamP34i/view?usp=sharing Linked above is an image of my 2nd reflection for MINDs, which includes a graph that measured my level of comfort from August last year until now, with annotations explaining how and why I have felt this way. On the bottom, I have included things I want to change and […]

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  • Creativity: Guitar Reflection #2

    Date: 9th December 2018 This reflection will be focused on Learning Objective 4: Demonstrating perseverance in my CAS commitment. On November 28th, I completed my first recital as a guitar student, and it was a wholly challenging and valuable experience. As I was very busy throughout the week in which I was to perform, I […]

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