DPERS “About Me” Poster; Final Wrap-up!

My “About Me” Poster (Made about Taran):

Checklist Hyperlink

Taran’s Unit Two Guidebook Slides

Luca’s Unit Two Guidebook Slides


Quote from the video:

“Now, white space isn’t a difficult technique to learn; it’s basically just allowing space around text and images to make everything feel more relaxed and loose.” I picked this quote because it reflects one of the things I failed to do in the project; include white space. This was because I focused too much, I felt, on the use of walls of text to “fill in” the reader, that I often forgot the importance that white space can have on the poster; because of this, I felt that I could’ve done significantly better on the task if I’d had this advice when I was just beginning to work on the project.

I felt I employed use of self-management really well in this task. I always struggled in graphic design and making infographics or, in this case, a poster, especially around a person, so I had to really organise myself to get the most out of it. I started off by gathering all the info I could about Taran (as can be found on his Unit Two Guidebook, linked above), then I began laying out the skeleton of my poster. This meant organising text and pasting a picture of him, before I started working with the text. I tried to contrast (red on blue in the title, then blue on red in the body of text) text to make it look more eye catching for the reader, as well as to emphasize the words the reader needed to focus on (STORY, ASPIRATIONS, etc.). Another skill I employed was Communication; I wanted to make it as legitimate to Taran as possible. While I did embellish some of his aspects, I still constantly referred back and forth to him, be it in person (a face-to-face conversation), or referring to his guideline slides. I wanted this to be a clear and honest reflection of Taran’s personality; a very strong and straightforward take on his personality and hobbies.

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