Marc Nair; Breaking the Mold

Marc Nair spoke of multiple things in front of the grade; he talked about how he tries to use the environment around him (the city) to set mood and really give meaning to his poems. He discussed taking real-world problems and using humorous comedic poems to attract attention to true problems we face today (as can be seen in his environmental poem, “Plastic Nation”). He even talked about how his experiences as a traveler affected his poetic career (going so far as to publish a collection of poems he wrote during a trip in central Europe). However, what stuck with me the most was a poem he wrote that discussed cliches, taking the form of a song and rap. He not only critiqued the use of absurd phrases and metaphors that seem to not only have become commonplace, but an integral part of our life, but also the huge social impact trends have on society; things that everyone seems to be following, without truly knowing why.

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