Nukul Deva; The Science of Writing

Nukul Deva is a world-renonwed author, with many of his works having been adapted into full-length action films. His books have been translated into numerous languages, and thousands upon thousands of people have enjoyed his works across the globe. However, most interesting about him was not his very economically driven incentives to write (going so far to say that he does it “mostly for the money”), but his intriguing method of writing, which borders on science. The first step is to thoroughly research the topic the book will be written about. He called this that toughest step, and the longest (for example, in one of his books, where action occurs simultaneously around the world, he needed to research for 3+ months before starting to write). He then plans out the structure of the story thoroughly and begins to write. Surprisingly, he defined writing as the “easiest step of the creative process”, as, he believes that “once the research and structure are down on paper, it’s only a matter of putting what you already know into words”. This methodical method of writing is a radical departure from many other writers, as he regards it as more of a science than an art.

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