Personal Statement

This year has been extremely enjoyable and exciting for me. Whether it be making new friends or being faced with a challenge I enjoyed most parts of it and have been able to overcome the stressful parts.

One of my main goals for the future is to be successful. Success for me means being happy, being in a stable position, being healthy and also having good relations with my friends and families. I am currently aware of my future careers but I think I want to do something related to dance, cooking or humanity. These are all my passions, therefore, I want to pursue these as future careers.


My goals were also to be more organized not only in terms of getting all my materials to school but also in organizing my time effectively so I don’t get too stressed when tests and assessments are due. I think I have achieved this goal pretty well as I have used the technique of to-do lists. The to-do list is on a board in front of my desk and serves as a physical reminder of the things I need to do and proved to be extremely helpful as I have found that I have been more organized so I definitely think I’m going to continue using this method since it has been quite effective.


However, it has been quite difficult to manage my time effectively during exam season or when there’s a lot of tests/assessments due in a week. I’ve found myself getting extremely stressed and having a lot of pressure to get all my work done by the deadline. I’ve understood that this is usually caused by me procrastinating and leaving my work till the last minute and that usually results in a negative impact on me. For the weeks leading up to exams, I made sure that I studied for my exams in the order that I would be taking them and I made sure that I was well prepared for each exam before moving on to preparing for the next one. That method proved to be successful as I felt well prepared and ready for my exams and am quite happy with the results. 


I think one of my personal strengths is my confidence. I was able to display this strength through all my performances throughout the year. Culturama, Kahaani, The Dance Showcase and ITP recitals really help me develop my confidence and display it. I think another one of my strengths is being able to communicate well. I was able to showcase this through my services and GC and also all the activities I was part of. The GC that I was part of (Daraja Academy) gave me several opportunities to develop this skill because of the several events that we held throughout the year (Run for Rights, Family Festival, Service Expo, etc) and communication within the GC and to people outside of it was vital in order for the events to go smoothly. In my service, I also got the chance to display my communication skills by being the communications officer and organizing activities each week and coordinating with the service department.


Overall I think this has been a quite successful year as I have been able to develop and discover several new skills and also make lots of new friends. I definitely think compared to previous years I was able to befriend more people and expand my friendship group to people who I wouldn’t usually talk to. While there were challenging bits where things got a bit hectic in the year, I managed to work past them and learn from them to make sure I would be able to overcome them easily if they would come back again. I am looking forward to continuing to getting know more of my classmates next year and hopefully tackling more challenges and experiencing new things.

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