Are filter bubbles controlling my life?

Most of us are already aware of the fact that businesses try to gain potential customers based on what we search up and bring up advertisements which are related to our ‘interests’. However, we are oblivious of a ‘filter bubble’ which isolates us to the surrounding community by only showing us a part of the internet. This brings us to the question of ‘are filter bubbles letting us look at things we really want to see?’ and ‘are we actually being controlled?’. Although I knew how the internet can track your actions, I was surprised to discover how this also influenced what would come up in your search engine. For example, even if someone had wanted to search up the exact same thing as me, they could potentially end up with a different set of perspectives listed up on their search result because of the differing things we may prefer, or should I say ‘the different things we clicked on in the past’. I believe the internet can be bias in a way, as just because we clicked once on a website it automatically processes that we’re interested in that, so depending on what websites we check out we may only get one side of the story. I think the internet isolates us from connecting with others and gaining new insight. Since search engines usually filter out things that are contradicting to our search history, I believe it will restrict us to a certain amount of information that are from the same point of view, which I think is contradicting to its general purpose. The internet is supposed to be a place where anyone from around the world can access the same information and acknowledge differing sides on an issue, not a place where we set a barrier between others.


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2 thoughts on “Are filter bubbles controlling my life?

  1. This is a really well written piece, and I agree with how filter bubbles can indeed isolate oneself from the outside world. This can lead to a very biased approach of thinking and viewing incidents all over the globe.

  2. I agree with you on how filter bubbles can isolate you from people on the outside world and can divide people

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