[CAS PROJECT] Creating a chamber music club – Stage 1 + 2

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

As I have a strong passion in music, I always try to engage in music activities and find opportunities that allow me to explore areas outside my comfort zone. Therefore when I transferred to UNIS, I was excited to participate in music clubs because I was looking forward to collaborating with new people and experiencing another dimension. Despite my determination, there were no clubs that were suited towards me and I came to the realisation that the school did not have a club that was based around the idea of a chamber ensemble, which led me to take initiative to potentially establish a new club that would allow for this to occur. When I reached out to my music teacher, he told me that one of my classmates, Sean, had the same vision as me so I got together with him and we discussed our ideas. Soon we realised that we both wanted to create a space for students in the TutHouse (high school) to collaboratively work on classical music pieces in small groups and a safe environment where people can develop their performance skills that would ultimately shape all of us into more confident musicians. Furthermore, we identified a demand and interest in our idea and vision, with people reaching out to us asking for information regarding our potential club, therefore we started working towards establishing our chamber music club as an ‘official’ club for the next school year.

However, we faced several challenges throughout our process. Firstly, it was very difficult arranging meetings with the school club organiser, Mr Baha, because our schedules always clashed and we were all very busy. In addition, when Sean met up with him, Mr Baha encouraged us to partner with an organisation that he knew from outside of school that promotes classical music towards the youth and creates a space for people to listen to performances – he wanted us to get involved with the city community. Despite these potential ideas that we then further considered as well, it was slightly different to what we envisioned since we wanted to focus on benefiting our school community as a whole through identifying a need for a chamber music club. Therefore we spent a lot of time trying to refine our aims/goals for our club and trying to clearly layout our plan in order to present our ideas back to Mr Baha firmly, displaying our ambitions for our envisioned club to start up, as well as to try and reach some sort of compromise. We continued to remain resilient and committed to our idea, and with the help of our music teacher (who acted as our supervisor for our potential club), we ultimately gained approval from Mr Baha and reached a new compromise. Instead of working with the organisation outside of school, we proposed the idea of potentially performing in hospitals, volunteer shelters etc., more specifically working with (In)visible Women (a club led by our friend that provides service for the homeless women in New York City) because they host annual performances at the shelters. Furthermore, we also agreed upon the idea that if the school were in need for small performances during celebrations, assemblies, events, graduation etc., our club would have people ready to perform for those situations.



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