Tutoring with BTNY – second reflection

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

As the tutoring sessions went by, I was able to immerse myself into this new environment and interact more with the other tutors as well as the students. What was extremely beneficial about this collaborative setting was that if any of the tutors had difficulties responding to a students question, we could help one another out – if a certain topic was someones strength, that tutor could then effectively discuss and explain how to tackle a question or assignment. I was personally less familiar on the area of social studies, more specifically history, as well as chemistry and biology, and certain subtopics that were commonly covered in the American syllabus, therefore I focused more on assisting people with work relating to reading/literature and mathematics. I think the tutoring experience was not only a great opportunity for everyone to highlight their strengths in a way that complemented each other, but also for me, personally, to learn and gain new insight.

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