October 29

Piano Reflection #1(Creativity)

LO2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

I am currently enrolled in the Pop Piano course at Yamaha. I began the course back in 8th grade but had a gap over a year as they dissolved our group class. I have been taking individual lessons since this January.

I see myself as someone who is musically inclined, hence, I love playing the piano. This course is different from the regular ABRSM graded courses. It consists of a wide repertoire of popular melodies, Latin styles and contemporary music.

Over the years, I have been able to keep track of my strengths and weaknesses. Earlier I used to struggle with playing with both hands and I only just got rid of the habit of using a pencil to write down the notes on a sheet of music. There is still loads of room for improvement, practice is key!

I recently printed out sheets for Alan Walker’s Faded, a song I intend to learn myself. I am very excited to be learn it although it poses as a challenge. In the past, I have taken up this initiative and it has given me great pleasure to be able to play some of my favourite tunes.

In class, I just finished the piece Scarborough fair-a Scottish folk song which gave me a glimpse of music from another culture. Currently, I am tackling Edelweiss, a song from the movie, The Sound Of Music!

October 18

Peacehaven Centre Reflection #1(Service)

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

We’ve visited the Bedok peace haven centre run by the salvation army two times now. It is a day centre where the elderly are cared for: they engage in exercises to remain healthy, they are provided meals and medical assistance and most importantly, genuine support so that they do not experience loneliness.

So far, we have been planning activities that we want to conduct and have taken a tour of the space available to perform them. We have had engaged in conversation with their physiotherapist, Andrew and a woman who works there. They were able to give us some valuable inputs about the people, their interests and the past experiences they have had with other students. Their advice enabled us to carry out more efficient planning. Everyone in the team is actively contributing, we all have ideas and have been able to point out shortcomings in our plan, thereby helping each other.

We completed this task in our service session, brainstormed and shortlisted numerous activities. I have taken up the responsibility of communications officer, I will be maintaining the portfolio of our service and will be in regular contact with the people in charge at the centre.  I’m excited to go to the peacehaven centre and for the sessions to come!

October 11

Culturama Final Reflection (Activity)

LO1-Identifying strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

Culturama rehearsals grew in number as show day approached, which meant practices on the weekends and almost every day in the week of the performance(I’m sure we all can agree we had too much bubble tea and pizza). Formations underwent multiple changes and we received our costumes.  As I have participated in activities of such nature in the past, the process was not unfamiliar to me, however, it posed as a chance for me to help others. My experience with Indian dances in the past enabled me to pick up some new steps at a faster pace, I could then help the girls around me who weren’t as well-versed with them. My involvement in this activity made me aware of my strengths, it has increased my love for dance and made me the realise the joyous nature of teamwork when we all helped each other out with makeup and jewellery.

I have also been able to identify areas for growth, this time I actively worked on my facial expressions to communicate to the audience my love for dance, which required me to step out of my bubble. The positive feedback I got from my friends and my harshest critic, my mom made me realise that I had succeeded in doing so. Not to undermine the demanding process before performing itself, getting ready(the struggle is real)! I was able to pick up some makeup skills(crucial for performances of this magnitude) from my talented friends who were kind enough to help me out. I will be working on them. Hopefully, I will be able to see improvement in future dances I participate to come! Dancing on stage in front of an engaging audience was spectacular, I felt true happiness while performing, my smile was genuine. It made me realise how lucky I was to be there.

^^Video footage from Show 1(if I’m not wrong). Overall, this experience was beyond amazing. I got a chance to watch the jaw-dropping dances of all the countries and their dedication, the energy in the auditorium was electrifying when the entire cast and crew came together for the finale-an unforgettable moment. Needless to say, the hours of practice, most definitely paid off.

September 19

Culturama Initial Reflection (Activity)

LO1-Identifying strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

I am honestly really grateful to be a part of Culturama this year-I will be representing India! I’m am in the Ghoomar dance(1 of the 2) of India, a Rajasthani fast paced dance form.I have been dancing for a long time and I absolutely love it , through this experience I hope to improve my dancing skills and learn a new dance form, I’m concentrating on improving my facial expressions.

The audition period was stressful and nerve wracking. Looking back, it was nevertheless, enjoyable.As I missed the first practice(due to the re-auditions), I had quite some part of the dance to catch up on, the dance leaders were really helpful and gave us a video of the first rehearsal for us to practice.We have to spin numerous times, it truly makes us dizzy. Comments include, “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna faint” and “I need a bucket off stage to puke into”. If I said my stomach didn’t hurt, I’d be lying(I’m blaming the flu). I’ve been able to make friends, from grades above and below mine, we’ve been bonding well, after all: we’re in this together! We really are challenging ourselves with this dance, hopefully our efforts pay off and we are able to put up an excellent performance! We have had 3 practices so far, amazingly, we have finished the choreography and we are now working on some formations!

The light plot is coming up soon and I am really excited, can’t wait for the big show. The entire school is hyped, tickets just went on sale yesterday! I love the fact that this event is a celebration of cultures, embracing diversity and for a lot of people; stepping out of your comfort zone, which is what UWC stands for.

September 12

CompSci HL! Relflection

Today we learned about FizzBuzz: our ticket to recruitment.

The game itself is quite interesting and we all had a go at attempting to code it on netbeans.(Multiples of 3:Fizz, Multiples of 5:Buzz, Multiples of both? Fizzbuzz!)

Afterwards, Mr.McClure showed us the rest of the video where we learned different ways to code the same game. It started out with quite a long code but with multiple modifications it was condensed down to a concise one that would work effortlessly even when we had to switch things up.

It was nice to get a new perspective on things and learn how to execute our code in another way.

So far, the computer science classes have been interesting, we dove straight into coding, something which I don’t quite have much experience in but now I feel like I’m beginning to pick it up and it really is quite fun. It teaches you how to think logically. I’m looking forward to the classes!

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August 17

What I’m excited for!

We just got introduced to the CAS programme and I am honestly really excited about the oppurtunities that await me. The list is overwhelming but I have managed to short list a bunch of activities that I have a positive feeling about.

I’m hyped for Culturama(having heard so many great things about it) and can’t wait for the auditions next week!

I’m also really excited for the one year of local service that will let me connect with the community, help people out and I’m sure it’s going to be life changing.

I have a fair idea of the clubs I want to join but I can’t seem to choose a GC!

August 10

What Akanksha taught me

There are a plethora of opportunities awaiting us in the upcoming months.

Project week offers a new insight, learning that is beyond the classroom. It provides an unparalleled experience, the opportunity to meet people who lead completely different lives and learn from them.From intense physical exertion to connecting with the people around you, we gradually become acutely aware of the marvels of nature and the unexpected things we have in common by reaching out.

Akanksha taught me that it is alright to be scared, her incredible feat; addressing a large gathering of people with knocking knees but realising that she is their voice, inspires me.

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