January 15

Peacehaven Centre Reflection #2(Service)

For the past few sessions, we have been switching up the activities we have been carrying out at service with the aim to reach a larger group of the elderly. The spider gym only enables us to reach a target few who are of the appropriate fitness level. So far we have tried origami which has proved to be a success as there as enough of us to help out and they seem to be genuinely enjoying it. In one the sessions the elderly man I was paired with took the freedom to create his own creations and proudly showed them to me, the activity clearly made him very happy something we hope for.

Another activity where we found success is one we carried out fairly recently, it allowed us to interact with the most number of people at the centre. It was a bowling activity that we carried out on their tables. One lady seemed to be particularly good at it and helped us overcome the language barrier by explaining it to her friend. Additionally, Dhruva and I paired up with two girls from our service and passed the ball around the table. We assumed it would be a relaxing activity, very quickly we were proven wrong. The ladies at the table took pleasure in the fast nature of the game and soon we were passing the ball to each other across the table at alarmingly fast rates. It captured all of our attention and we had a lot of fun playing that game.

I’m looking forward to other exciting activities we will be trying out in the months to come!

December 7

Kahaani Initial Reflection(Activity)

I am participating in Kahaani this season, an upcoming dance show held yearly by Kolkata GC(which supports visually impaired children in Kolkata, India). The girls that they support love to dance and hence, this event is held for them. In previous years, students have performed blindfolded and the girls have flown in to Singapore to perform in school for Kahaani.

I have been placed in the dance group representing South India. This year Kahaani will be based on Cinderella and the prince’s search to find her as he travels through multiple states in India.(Kahaani translates to ‘story’ in Hindi!).  One of the dance forms used in my dance is one that I have experience in, Bharatnatyam, and it has been nice to connect with it again. This is is, however, my first time dancing to traditional South Indian music and I will need to work on adjusting my facial expressions according to it. I will be performing during the classical portion of the piece(the other is folk).

December 2


My Myers Briggs personality type is ENFJ-T; the protagonist. The two components that stood out to me the most are F for feeling and T for turbulent. The ratio of Thinking to Feeling for me is 49% to 51%. I’ve always been confused as to which one of these I am as although I believe in making the most pragmatic choices, at times, I can be very impulsive. This sheds light on the 65% I received for turbulent as I am constantly torn when it comes to making important decisions(I tend to overthink) and am very rarely assertive, this is affirmed by the weaknesses of my personality type.

The strengths of my personality type include being reliable, altruistic and a natural leader. The two others are tolerant and charismatic which I don’t entirely agree with, I don’t find it that easy to communicate with strangers and warm up to them. I see myself as an ambivert-tilting more towards the introverted side-however, this quiz gave me a higher percentage for being extraverted. I do agree with the fact that we are unafraid to stand up for what we believe in, I think that is one of the most important things in life, we should always do what is right. I also completely agree with fluctuating self esteem as a weakness; this has an impact on my mood and work ethic.

Although I am not very convinced with the career paths(Politics is something I am actively avoiding), I do understand the possibility of being HR administrators or event co-ordinators. Basically, helping community or organization to operate more smoothly.

Overall, this personality type has helped me understand more about myself.



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November 29

HS Campus Journalism Season 2 Initial Reflection

This season we focused on photojournalism and learned a variety of skills. The importance of the rule of thirds, varying the height of your photos and how the size of shots can help you tell your story. We were given the opportunity to go around school and apply what we had learned. Here are the photos I managed to take with the tips given to us:

I varied the height to get to the level of the plants in order to offer a different perspective than what we usually see.

A landscape shot of our the field, the pole served as an undesired obstruction(which I later learned from my teacher that it is something you have to deal with professionally as well!) 




A photo I took at the rooftop garden to present a contrast(with the aid of the distinct lighting and backdrop inside and beyond). 

We grasped the clear distinction between news, photojournalism and editorials. Additionally, we learned about expectations when in the field of journalism and some stories regarding it.

November 22

Tabitha Reflection S1

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

This year I chose to be a part of Tabitha, a Global Concern that aims to help the people of Cambodia escape their cycle of poverty amongst many other objectives. We sell the silk products the women in Cambodia make as well as books at holiday fairs in order to raise money. So far, we have been worked on our poster as well as our service goal setting and we have been keeping ourselves updated.

Some of the students in the GC are embarking on a house-building trip to Cambodia to reach out to Tabitha and hence, our primary goal for the past few months has been to raise money for it. A high school theatre production was running week long this month and our GC decided to step up to sell snacks before and during the show.

Several of my peers and I volunteered to stay back after school one day to mass bake in the food labs. I took on the responsibility to bake shortbread along with a few of my friends. One of my friends wasn’t familiar with the process which is why we paired up and I helped her based on the tips I’ve received when baking with my mom.  We all had to work as a team and help each other out; whether it was to find the appropriate utensil or to tidy up the place in the end. We managed to bake quite an assortment of food.

The day of the sale we learned how to make infused water and we each had to take turns preparing the ingredients. We put posters up of our GC and advocated for our cause. The sale happened incredibly fast as people came swarming in, we had to be on a look out for each other to ensure it ran smoothly. That week helped us to work towards our ultimate goal. We have planned for similar events in the future.



November 10

HS Campus Journalism S1 Final Reflection

Towards the end of Season 1 my biggest accomplishment was publishing an article in community news for CultuRama, one of the most anticipated events in school. Here’s the link: https://perspectives.uwcsea.edu.sg/community-news/culturama-2018-celebrates-panorama-cultures. (Update: I just found out it has been published in the Dunia magazine!!)

^^A small snippet of the article. As I too was a part of the show, I was able to experience the full magnitude of it through rehearsals and witness the phenomenal impact it had on the school(tickets completely sold out, the entire community wanting to contribute in whichever way possible). As my peers published articles too, we spent time reviewing each others articles and we also came up with ideas for interesting highlights for our school’s Instagram page, another medium of keeping the UWC community updated about school events.