English – HL Essay Reflection 1 (before first draft)


When we initially started writing and planning our HL Essay, I had trouble deciding which text type would best suit this essay, but I came to the conclusion and chose Woman’s World by Graham Rawle. The next steps were to decide on a global issue and an inquiry question, I eventually decided that I wanted to write my essay about the loss of female identity. Through writing this paper 1 practice essay, I have learnt a lot about the way I need to structure my essay and what areas I need improving on. Through this the planning of my essay has changed and in certain areas has improved by going into deeper analysis. Initially, my planning was not in depth and looked at surface level topics but after looking back at my paper 1 and receiving feedback, I have understood the importance of going in depth into the topic, stating the content, context and stating big ideas, themes and concepts. This would furthermore push my essay to the next grade level. In turn, this would also help me look into sub topics furthermore showing the reader that I have greater understanding of the text and the global issue that I am looking into. I got feedback from my paper 1 essay along with two follow up questions, the first question was ‘how might you embed evidence and and unpack these more effectively’ and the second question being ‘how might you organise your ideas better to provide deeper discussion with relevant insights?’. Through this feedback, I understand that for my HL essay I need to further embed evidence and use the PEA analysis in order to effectively unpack my essay and theme. The PEA analysis would help me with embedding my evidence and would also help me with unpacking the techniques. The second question focused on organising my ideas better in order to provide a deeper discussion. I feel that my paper 1 essay did lack that element but through this I have learnt that structure plays an important role throughout the essay. Organising my ideas would mean that I would be able to explore more sub topics and have deep discussions relating back to the big idea. My next steps would be to use the feedback that I have received from my paper 1 essay, as well as incorporate ideas from the discussions that we have had in class.

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