Ibsens quotes

In this quote ”

If I cannot be myself in what I write, then the whole is nothing but lies and humbug.

HENRIK IBSEN, letter to Björnstjerne Björnson, Sept. 12, 1865″ 

This shows that he feels that it is very important that we can express ourselves in the way we feel. He clearly felt that he wants to be himself when he writes and wants to spread the word on what he feels. He feels that the world should be equal and be able to express what they feel.

He values the equality and being able to express people feelings. He criticizes the way the world is and how people aren’t equal and how everybody can’t express what they feel. He also said that the majority of people are generally wrong, I feel he says this because generally majority of the people just blindly follow the people in power.



19th Century Norway

1.) It has recently gone into independence

2.) the economy was booming

3.) The amount of upper-middle-class people were increasing so income disparity was decreasing

because before with very little people in the middle-class most of the people who are middle class now are considered rich back then. So they had a lot of power as it was aristocracy. However, as the middle class started to expand the average person was either middle class or just under. So they didn’t have the power that they had before as the middle-class person is just an average person now. However, some people could still be demanding that respect that they had before. So there would be a different mindset between different people so respect could be a big factor in this time.

Are Henrik Ibsen’s words true today?

I feel that Ibsen’s words are true today. Not as bad as it was back in the 19th century however it still exists. There are a lot of examples. I feel that in some governments the majority of the people working in the government are men. For example, in the United States Of America, the current president Donald Trump has been assembling the most male dominant government in decades. There has been a new analysis that 80% of the top job nominations of the government have gone to men. This is quite a big number and I feel that this does show that Ibsen’s words are true even until today. There have been times before where it has been different. For example, when George W. Bush was in office there were actually more women working. So there are times where Ibsen’s words aren’t completely true, however, it justs depends on the person. There are a lot of differing opinions.


People also assume that there is more in only developing countries however this shows that Ibsen’s words are not only true in the developed world but it is also shown in developed countries.


“The Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations, Gips said, all made efforts to pick administration officials who “looked like America” in terms of their race, gender and viewpoints, and under Obama, geography. But doing so took work. “There’s always a government-in-waiting who want to come in, and unfortunately, they often are mostly white men.”

This quote also shows that it is all about the person’s opinion.

Shangyu Foundational Story

Shangyu did the foundational story Journey To The West. 

The Journey To The West story is about a person called Tan Sanzang who travels to reach the west. He and his 4 disciples have to go through 81 trials and a lot of suffering.

There has been a lot of adaptations of this story like . children’s books, performances, games etc.

It was explained that it could’ve been adapted because of religious reason or the morals in the story that kids can learn a lot from this story.



Personal Statement 2018

This year has been a great as I have made a lot of progress with my academics and other aspects of my education. Before the obvious I also want to take about mentor time which has been nice. Mentor time is a time where we get some music and we just relax and do our own ting. With all the school stress mentor time is nice as we can relax and just clear our mind. Sometimes PSE was also nice as I can see the debates that would be going on during class and you can understand a lot of things. Even though sometimes PSE is sometimes annoying it was still nice to learn some things that we wouldn’t learn in other classes. I have shown growth in all my subjects this year and I am very proud of that. Not only in my grades also in my atl’s, and understanding. I am very happy and I also thank my teachers for everything for teaching me this year and I am looking forward to another year with my teachers. Also with the exams even though it was a bit stressful I feel that it was a great experience for us to get a warmup for next years final exams. It was a good idea and now I have had a better understanding for how to prepare and get ready. Also my growth in my activities has been great. I do 2 activities and they are swimming and marimbas. My growth in swimming has been out of the roof. I went so SEASAC this year and I am very happy that I had made it as I had to work very hard to make it there. Also at SNAGS I did very well with a lot personal bests. I also went to Nepal nationals and I am ranked 4th overall in Nepal and I am very happy. I also did Marimba and we did a few performances over the year and I feel that it has been a great year and I have had a great experience and after this year Mr Bradshaw is leaving and I am very sad as I have been doing Marimba since grade 4 and he has been a great teacher to work with. Also in service I was a part of the GC surfed. This year we raised nearly $7,000 and we have done a lot. We have done a lot to work and raise money for the people in Nias, Indonesia. We are trying to get a trip going there so we can work with the people there directly. Also we had the even Swimdonesia which we do every year and that was a success. I am also a part of the service Sun Dac where we work with old people who are a bit disabled and we play with them and we make them feel very happy. Playing with them and making them feel happy seeing that smile on their face makes me smile and happy and I feel that it is very fun to work with them. This year has been great and I am looking forward to grade 10.

Macbeth Act 1 Summary

Shakespear uses a lot of dramatic techniques in his writing. He uses dramatic irony a lot and also uses juxtaposition, aside, metaphor soliloquy etc. Shakespear also 2 ways to talk about Macbeth. Direct and indirect characterisation. An example with indirect characterisation is when in Act 1 Scene 2 where the captain talks very highly about Macbeth and how he is fearless and other things that are great about him. Direct characterisation is for example when Macbeth talks to Lady Macbeth it shows that he was doubting his choices to kill Duncan and shows how he is quite undecisive.

Should Video Games Be A Compulsory Subject?

There were a lot of ideas some bigs ones were making games specifically for people with ADHD for example. For example, people with no disabilities normally play games with a proactive point of view but people with ADHD might play with a reactive point of view. So if you make a game where you have to be proactive and plan ahead that would help them psychologically. So I think that’s good. But I really feel that they shouldn’t be compulsory. I think it would be fine to add the subject to play video games but it SHOULD NOT be compulsory as some people just don’t like it as a subject and won’t have as much as an impact as subjects like Math, Science etc.

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