drama: reflecting on theatre performances

Task 1: reflecting on theatre performances.



During the video, no sound is heard. Although a series of interesting and fantastical images are seen. Furthermore a strange environment is presented on stage by the actors and cast. Strange creatures are also operated by some actors using sticks, whilst one other looks around, confused at the weird and wonderful world he has discovered.



Whilst watching this I felt slightly worried, however quite enhanced with the amazing and special performances. Also I felt scared of what was happening on stage. I saw a dangerous and interesting scene before me. In addition the scene really spoke to me as I enjoy futuristic and intriguing scenes that make me think about meaning.



The theatrical moment can be used in my work, as a post apocalyptic society, which can aid the quality and my contribution to my team’s work. Also many fantastical moments of interest can be incorporated into my work. They can be shown or used in pieces that I am developing at the moment.


By Bijan Shambayati.


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