Science Reflection

In constructing my project about AI, I thought of many different ways I could construct a research question or a formal hypothesis.

However after looking at much of the online data, I came to a clear hypothesis which illustrated most of the points I tried to make within the presentation : “data will show that officials in industry work believe that AI will not affect them in less than fifteen years”. was a good opening statement as is very well interlinked to the data and pie- charts I found on the internet. 

Mentor (post 2)

During these interesting times I find peace in doing meditation and yoga. These really help with my anxiety toward the situation that is taking place and really gets me doing something (in a time where I would actually feel useless).

In addition to these I have been reading books and watching videos about mental health and how to remain mentally active during COVID- 19. I have really been enjoying doing these also. I also really enjoy the longer time to sleep in the mornings as I think everyone else is too. This really encourage me to cope better with online learning.


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