The best part of this project was learning about sustainable places and opportunities near me, so I can take action. Especially developing awareness about the prospective atmospheric temperature rise in 4-8 degrees, and consequences like natural disasters like landslides, floods, cyclones, droughts and etc. There are other issues including food security, species population, habitable land and public health. Moreover, irreversible damages including the melting of Greenland’s Ice, unusable farmland due to flooding in countries like Bangladesh makes me worried of the consequences my country have to face. It makes me wonder how the world will adapt to sustain the demands of people whilst having non-renewable processes constantly using up natural resources. As the time required for energy to be transferred between the lithosphere and biosphere takes millions of years to make, and only seconds to use up.


Aside from this, the most challenging part was about trying to explain how food sourcing can change our climate impact. I became creative with the designing of solutions by not limiting the solutions to daily things, I included long term waste management solutions alongside everyday ones. In my team, I was the most dedicated as I started the website right away, two weeks earlier, exactly when the project started and taking on the presentation making for two of the topics.

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