• PSE: Social Media

    As our society gets more and more dominated by social media, I feel that it has become such a big part of our lives that is impossible to neglect. In addition, I believe social media does more harm than good to our wellbeing. This is because applications such as Instagram changes our judgement and stops us from loving […]

  • Personal
  • Grade 10

    Grade 10 started exactly one month ago. It’s been very busy and just a little overwhelming, so I think I should take a step back and organise my time ahead of me a little better. I know that my time management isn’t the best, but that is because I’m very determined to

  • Academic
  • Writer’s Fortnight

    Steve Dawson In today’s session we were honoured to have Mr. Steve Dawson come talk to us. He is a commentator on Fox News / ESPN and was talking to us about interview techniques. I was expecting him to talk about his career and books but he was actually teaching us about how to interview […]