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When working with others, I value the ability to include everyone into the conversation and having respect for others’ ideas the most. Being able get things done but isn’t serious the whole time is also important as well.

When I work with someone, the #1 thing my partner can do to support me would be to respond to my idea before moving onto expressing their idea. This would allow both of us to be engaged in the conversation.

When it comes to tech, I’m good at figuring things out by myself through researching, trial & error, and I need to get better at actually learning how to use a few of the applications and keyboard shortcuts.

People often think I am very serious and quiet when we work together, but actually most of time I just don’t know what others things are there to say or do.

I think of myself as more introverted, in group work, you may notice I don’t chat after the task has been done, please remember I prefer to talk and have a casual conversation.

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