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As our society gets more and more dominated by social media, I feel that it has become such a big part of our lives that is impossible to neglect. In addition, I believe social media does more harm than good to our wellbeing. This is because applications such as Instagram changes our judgement and stops us from loving ourselves. There is a ‘standard’ set on how people are supposed to look or what is considered ‘beautiful’. This pressure can be overwhelming and seriously impact ones wellbeing as it will bring them a lot of stress if they are not aligned with the expectation of the society. This makes them extra self conscious, and makes them feel that they are not good enough or accepted by everyone else. The number of likes or comments also influence one’s confidence to an extent as they will compare themselves with other people and will feel bad about themselves if they are not as ‘popular’.

This is not exaggerating at all, I feel that most of our grade would agree with this. The pressure social media places on people is tremendous; the fear of missing out, the fear of being left out, the fear of not looking good enough… It makes you feel helpless towards a situation in which you have no responsibility for, which is the worst part of it; it makes you feel obligated to change something that is not wrong to any extent.

I think it is impossible to lessen the importance of social media in our lives because it just is too permeated in our society and is on such a large scale there is nothing to be done. However, it does not change the fact that people should never not love themselves because of what other people say or look. Thus, I think it is really important for social media like such to promote self-acceptance and all, it is also dependent on everyone online to stop creating a ‘desired’ image of how people should look. Nevertheless, I am not saying that it is wrong to encourage fitness or healthy lifestyle, I support that wholeheartedly, it’s just that I believe there should are no race or specific facial features that determine beauty. Beauty flourish from within instead of just physical looks.


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