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Culturama Reflection 2 – 30th Sept 2019

As we approach show day, we are getting a little tight on time. We missed our Monday rehearsal this week and the show is in less than a month. Our dancers are a great group of people but due to the large number of them, it is sometimes really hard to grab their attention and be productive within our lunchtime rehearsals, therefore, we had a weekend rehearsal yesterday and actually managed to cover quite a bit of choreography. Currently, we are moving at a pace that’s a little slower than what we visioned, but I do believe that we can pull through this if we really get everyone together and work as a team. Since Imogen is in grade 12, she has a lot going on right now and I’ve been trying to lift some of that pressure off of her. We just finished the formations and I have already bought the costumes. What we need to work on now is getting used to the choreo with heels. I have noticed that our choreography is not an easy one to learn, especially the partner dance as it is quite difficult to teach. We have not moved onto the flamenco part yet which is a little worrying but I think there isn’t much I can do at this point as we do have to account for the pace of our dancers as dance leaders. My goal is to, first of all, keep calm and don’t stress about things that are not changeable.  Second, I would need to have a conversation with the team about our progress and the ‘chit chatty’ vibe during rehearsals. I’m optimistic about how the show is going to turn out though!!

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