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RDA Reflection 2 – 12th Oct 2019

After attending a few sessions by now, I’ve definitely learnt and developed a lot as a person. Firstly, the existence of an establishment like such took me by surprise as land in Singapore is very expensive but RDA is completely free of charge. The good wills of RDA can be seen in all of its staff and volunteers which was a very pleasant atmosphere. The patient I work with has cerebral palsy, which affects his muscles and movement overall. His condition is not very severe as he can walk independently, but it is quite obvious that he has very stiff muscles and sometimes has difficulties with moving about. I learnt that the motion of the horse requires the rider to use almost 300 muscles in the body to stay upright, working especially on the core which is very beneficial to patients. What really struck and touched me was my rider’s optimistic approach towards everything. He was always pumped up, full of energy, and it was a great time seeing him having fun on the horse which reaffirms my belief to become a doctor so that I can make other people’s lives better through my own hands.

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