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The aim of this advertisement for diet coke that came out in 2013 was to encourage people to purchase diet coke and feel ‘extraordinary’ about themselves. There seems to be a prize as well by entering a contest online, however, I could not find any more details about this contest.

This advertisement has evidently a key marketing and advertising technique – celebrity. By showcasing Taylor Swift as a consumer of diet coke and using the phrase ‘entertain in style with’, the advert builds a direct connection between consumers and Taylor Swift which will incentify her fans to purchase diet coke in favour of her. In addition, people would want to identify with Taylor Swift as said by Martin Lindstrom, ‘people are creatures of imitation’, and since Taylor Swift was so popular and famous at the time, people would be incentified to imitate what she does, which is presented in this adverts as drinking coke. Furthermore, the image of Taylor Swift pouring coke into a champagne glass suggests a sense of eliteness as people often associate champagne and celebrities with higher social classes, further incentifying consumers to purchase diet coke in the idea of being more elite than just an ordinary coke drinker.

Looking at the overall composition of the advert, we can see that the image of Taylor Swift is centre left of the advert, with Diet Coke’s signature on the top left corner, right beside her head. The focal points of the advert are the two words ‘coke’ and ‘Taylor Swift’ that are large in size and attention-grabbing in their use of colour and font. The reason that the typography of these two words stands out so much is that it is contrasted with the smaller, more basic copy that accompanies them. The ‘2500’ is also quite eye-catching through bolding the letters and making it bright red which achieves the purpose of appealing the audience, further promoting the consumption of diet coke and allowing the audience to see everything that they need to see to be incentified to purchase diet coke.

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