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Composition in Advertisement

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What techniques are used to appeal to the reader?

A major element of composition that is very apparent in this advert is the contrast between the size and colour of objects. The bright red text (‘Coke’, ‘TAYLOR SWIFT’, ‘$2500′) instantly grabs the audiences’ attention and thus becomes the focal points of the entire advert alongside with the main image itself, placing emphasis and importance on them. The rule of third is also used to reinforce the importance of certain aspects on the advert. As the advert can be seen as composed of thirds, the top third is the most significant as the mise-en-scene is evidently more compact, with multiple focal points such as bolded texts and the human face. The middle third is where the action takes place and her body occupies the majority of this space, allowing the main product to be featured and noticed by the audience. The bottom third is mostly used to set up the scene. With the rim of the plate partially cut off, sunglasses and another glass of coke, it almost seems invitational to the audience to dine with Taylor Swift. This effect is enhanced with the image being projected from an eye-level angle, further making the distance between the audience and the image’s subject closer. The negative space is also quite significant in this advert as it highlights the subject of the image which places emphasis on the product being sold. This is done through creating a very monochromous background which contrasts greatly with bright red text and clothing.

What values does the text seek to make use of?

I think the selling point of this advert is primarily Taylor Swift. Implying the value that by drinking coke, the audience would be one step closer to be on the same level as Taylor Swift, and have ideas along the lines of “Even Taylor Swift drinks coke, and therefore I should too.”.  This encourages different audiences to purchase coke for different reasons as some may buy coke because they admire her voice, look, or fame.

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