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Who has control of the meaning in advertising?

In the world of advertisement, there are 3 main stakeholders, consumers, producers and society. Advertisements are often crafted by the sellers, targetted to a specific audience but will also tend to have an indirect impact on promoting certain ideas in the society. I feel that each advert enters the market with an intended selling point which often is not the product itself but the idea behind it instead. This intended purpose is crafted by the sellers through the means of both visual and lexical elements to communicate a certain idea across to the audience which would help them sell their product. Similar to the representation of cultures discussed before, I feel that there are definitely 2 meanings in each advert presented. One being the meaning that is intended by the seller, the other being the meaning perceived by the audience. Due to the large body of individuals involved in this process, there may only be one intended meaning that is decided by the marketing team in advance, however, since every audience is different, there may be thousands of potential interpretation of the same advert in the society. Each being as valid as one another. Furthermore, as the audience ‘buy’ into the idea that the advert is selling, this propels the development of the society in terms of accepting, normalising and promoting the ideas behind the advert through consumption of the product and the abundant appearance of such adverts around us.

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