TOK Grand paradigm

1 In your view, how might the video to any of the ‘Grand Paradigms’ that we looked at today?

I think the video portrays a shift in paradigm which is similar to that from classical paradigm to modern and then post modern. As Buzz realises that he is not a real space ranger, his previous paradigm of himself and existence falls apart and forces him to confront the new yet harsh truth. The dismay and upset that Buzz encounters is similar to that of people who were confronted by the post modern paradigm if they were a firm believer of the classical paradigm. The sense of identity and importance is completely disregarded from an utmost importance, to a miniature existence. The contrast in self value between the two is certainly very upsetting for a self-obsessed species like us. However, I’m not saying that different paradigms cannot co-exist as I think they certainly can, but such distress like the one in the video is  caused when there are contradictions in the paradigms.

2 Later in the movie, Buzz gets over the dismay that we see in this clip.  (Don’t worry if you have not seen the movie).  Why do you think this might be?

I think ultimately what Buzz faced in the movie is an identity crisis, where he suddenly felt devalued and could no longer adhere to the purpose in life that he held before. Although I haven’t seen the movie, I did some research and I believe he accepted the fact that he was indeed just a toy. I think Buzz was able to get over the dismay by adapting his purpose of protecting the planet to something of smaller scale. I feel that paradigms and purposes in life can be seen quite differently, as paradigms steer your logical judgement and understanding of the world, which may in turn affect your emotions, but purposes are entirely emotional and are strong drivers for life for many. The dismay in Buzz’s case was caused by the disappointment of knowing that he wasn’t a Space Ranger and couldn’t fly, but if he manages to adapt his view of the world through his new paradigm and still fulfill his purpose to some extent, he can certainly live a more aware and satisfied life.

3 What’s your reaction to these these paradigms?  How do they appeal to you /repel you?

I personally think the shifts of paradigms are very interesting as it makes me wonder what the new paradigm is going to become? I think I lean towards the post modern paradigm as one the grand scheme of things, we are insignificant in the history of the world. However, I don’t agree that there is no purpose in life. Although we are small as a whole, our existence is significant to our own individuals and it really just depends on the scope that we are looking at. As I am not religious, I guess I could say I am a little repelled by the classical paradigm, but the mere awareness of its existence certainly allows me to understand and empathise with those who hold a different paradigm from me. I think this is quite important as I don’t think paradigms can be falsified. All the ‘truths’ that we hold today is relative and dependent on the knowledge we possess, and the different paradigms are just the different angles through which we interpret our world.

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