Composition in Advertisement

Previous analysis What techniques are used to appeal to the reader? A major element of composition that is very apparent in this advert is the contrast between the size and colour of objects. The bright red text (‘Coke’, ‘TAYLOR SWIFT’, ‘$2500′) instantly grabs the audiences’ attention and thus becomes the focal points of the entire […]


Following on from your discussions and reflections today, write a Portfolio Post that explores your thinking. Do you agree with any of the perspectives shared so far? Why/not? Try to write it in full and include your ideas from your last homework. In the trailer of the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, I feel that the […]

Reading Goals

Reading Goals: Appreciate more books – properly read books, looking at its use of language, vocabulary, sentence structure instead of just reading the content Work on my vocabulary by reading more challenging books and taking notes Read more genres of books – non-fiction, science fiction, all kinds Keep track of the impacts books have had […]