Physical Wellbeing: Sleep

Sleep is an essential element of our lives that often gets neglected by many. In high school, it is often a triangle of academics, social life and sleep where you can only choose 2 out of the 3. Sleep, therefore, is often the one that is prioritized last.

Being a grade 10 student, the same goes for me. I am well aware that I don’t have enough sleep because I tend to use sleep as a sponge in which I get my time for doing homework etc. This is an extremely unhealthy habit and a bad mentality to have which I really need to change soon. Time management has always been my weakness in the past, this is because I’m very determined to get things done and to do well academically such that I will not go to sleep until I finish all of my work. After reading the two articles, I think it might be the essential time for me to fix my sleeping schedule and time management after all. With mocks coming up soon and the IGCSE final exams just around the corner, having an adequate amount of sleep may significantly improve my ability to learn and consolidate my memory. It is quite scary for a 15 years old to say that the lack of sleep has drastically affected my memory and I really should start correcting and fixing it before it’s too late.

Goal: Having a fixed sleep schedule where I sleep latest by 11:30. Occasional nap after school: improves learning ability which may increase my efficiency.