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Three quotes from the article

In every area of life — from your education to your work to your health — it is your amount of grit, mental toughness, and perseverance predicts your level of success more than any other factor we can find.

Mental toughness is built through small wins. It’s the individual choices that we make on a daily basis that build our “mental toughness muscle.”

Mentally tough people don’t have to be more courageous, more talented, or more intelligent — just more consistent.

Some people might think that putting phone down during meals is something relatively easier than huge challenges like military exercises. It is true, but for some people, especially teenagers, this could also be really hard. Before we start our challenge, I had thought that I won’t be able to keep the rule for five days even though I try. But as I started to view this challenge optimistically as a good chance to talk to people more, it wasn’t that hard to follow the rules. We are having a end of year test in a few month. Since we have to revise what we did for a year, it will be really tough and stressful. Also, we are gonna start our first year of IB in a few month. In Korea, I have seen many friends who were not considered to be genius but got grades by constant effort. Once again by reading this article, I realised that mental toughness and consistency have a decisive influence on one’s success. So when studying for exam or doing works that challenges me, I will keep reminding myself of those two words and put myself out of my comfort zone.

I think we didn’t have any issues in terms of collaboration. We had talked about our personality test result for a long time and since we got the same time, it was easier for us to understand each other. We divided work equally and asked questions to each other about things that we were unsure of. We also reminded each other to record reflection on how each day’s challenge went. From working with different people, I think something I need most from a partner is meticulousness because I often forget details.

I could take a closer look at myself during this project. Our challenge was having screen free meals for five days. I had to stop myself from using phone during meals and by doing so, I could often find myself looking at screen even when I didn’t have anything important to do with it. And I will have to cut out distractions in the future.  People next to me on their phones during meals made me want to use phone and I managed not to use it but it was really hard sometimes.

Buddy Podcast Final

Photo of me&Germaine:)

Intro and Outro post

On my Intro& Outro post, I talked about google reminder that reminded me to have screen free meals. At first, that helped me a lot because even though I knew I had to put down my phone for the challenge during meals, it was hard to putting into action. But, at some point, I realised that I don’t need someone or something to remind me of screen free meals.

Partner Agreement

Before we start our podcast challenge, we had conversations on our partner agreement based on the personality test results. Both me and Germaine got the same personality type. The result said that people with type 2(helper)  are good listeners but not good at expressing their ideas sometimes. So we promised to talk to each other when we have any problem. We also talked about quotes we found out from the reading. Firstly, we talked about importance of being collaborative, not competitive, when working as a group. Sometimes, people forget to talk to each other and just split work into several pieces and work individually. Also, we thought that it is important to try to understand other’s ideas and perspectives. Of course, since we are all different humans, we might not understand or agree with each other’s ideas. But work progress will be much more efficient once we start understanding each other. We also talked about TED talks we watched. I said that listening to others is as important as talking for good collaboration. Germaine mentioned quote from the TED talk the way people reach each other is by talking about common grounds and said that it is a good method to use.

Podcast review post

I listened to the podcast “Note to Self “One Couple Communicates only w/Emoji”.  First of all, from that podcast, I learnt about what basic structure of the podcast should be and things that should be included in podcast such as intro& outro music and chunked segments.


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Partner Challenge

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Round Up


Monologue reflection

  • What worked well in the rehearsal process?

There was steady improvement after every rehearsal. Actually, I remember on the first day we started working on developing physicality, I didn’t know either what I should do to start process or how to do it. But as I practised more and got feedback from Ms Parr, I got to have clearer idea of what I will do and was able to sort things out one by one.

  • What was challenging? How did you solve the problem?

Monologue “The heights” was quite unique. Lily tells the story she made to her friends , so there was story inside the story. I had to do storytelling from the point of view of Lily and play characters in the story she made, the nice woman and the little glass girl. I was worried because I thought that it might give confusion to the audience if transition from acting to storytelling is not natural. So for the moments when Lily was talking to the audience, I talked and behaved how Lily would do when she told story to her friend. And when the nice women was talking to a baby or for significant moments of baby and the woman, I focused on each character’s situation and emotions that should be conveyed to the audience.

It took long for me to interpret this mono in my own style. Emotions present in this mono are really hard to define as a single emotion, they were more of a combination of several similar but different emotions. So I tried to put myself in Lily’s shoes and imagined how it would be like to be sick, not to go to school, thus have no friend, and stay home all day long. Considering all of those miseries in her life, I could guess the reason she wrote this sad story of a baby girl could be related to her illness and lonely life. 

  • Think back on some key learning? Why might have the monologue been important to you?

I realised that facial expression is really important. Previously, I had thought that it would have better effect if I move around a lot. Sometimes, I’ll need those movement to show dramatic moment. But how I use my facial muscles is also important, especially eyes. The audience will follow where performer’s eyes go, and how performer look at something/someone will affect the audience’s interpretation of the emotion present at that moment and even the whole story.

I also learnt that I should use movement effectively for a limited number of times because when the performer moves, even though he or she might not have any intention, it gives a strong impression to the audience.

This monologue was really important to me because I learnt so much things. At first, it was even hard to think about talking alone in front of the audience. But I managed to do so. And experiencing storytelling was a good opportunity to learn intonation and varied tone. Also, I realised that I still have to learn  so much more acting skills.

  • List 2 or 3 things you intend to do with the skills or knowledge required today

-I tried to use facial muscles effectively to express emotions more vividly.

– Without any doll, I did mime to make people believe that there is a baby.



Partner Challenge

Me and my partner Germaine chose ‘Having screen free meals for five days’ as our challenge.

Here is our project planner.

Intro music

Screenshot of intro music in garage band

Outro music

Screenshot of outro music in garage band

Screenshot of my calendar reminder

IB Subject choices

I think that IB subject choices are really important to both my grade and happiness. Yesterday I went to subject night and could get some important infos from IB students and teachers. Now I’m thinking of choosing physics chem and math(analysis) as HL and Econ English A Lit and Korean A as SL. But I’m not sure whether to choose one science and Theatre or two sciences. So I will look at the IB booklet more and talk to my teachers and parents more about my choices.

Podcast challenge-Me and My Girlfriend Texted Only in Emoji for a Month

Alex and Liza is a couple and lives together. Alex is not a visual thinker while his girlfriend Liza is very affected by visuals and is very artistic. So Alex suggested her to do experiment, which is totally eliminating any text on daily message and only using emoji to communicate to see if this experiment helps her a little bit.

1.”People have been using images to communicate since ancient times”

“Using only emoji has changed what I said to Liza”.

“Emojis are made for just digital conversations”

2. The episode has quick preview but it’s after the intro music. Name of the show is mentioned and host’s name is introduced in the beginning.  The episode refers to what computational linguist and designer and creator of “stickers” for social networks said. The episode talks through all the process of their experiment First , it shows them talking about their worries. And how couple got used to using emojis in their digital conversation is shown. At last, it shows how their experiment ended up and how Alex and Liza feel about it. Host said thank you to guests and had a little outro music.

3. Actually, I love using emoji.I was affected by my old friends in Korea, who even bought extra emojis. So when I saw list of challenges, I thought I could do  the one using only emoji.  However, I didn’t have to eliminate word. By looking at the process this couple went through, I don’t want to choose that one anymore because in my opinion, unless I know the person you are texting really well just like a family member, there might be misunderstanding.


  • What would texting be like of there was no emoji?
  • One day will we able to  express everything only with emoji?

Science Respiration Reflection

  I conducted experiment on respiration with Swasthi. Since we had all materials but we weren’t given direction on how to do experiment, we tried few different ways. At first, we put fermenting yeast in gas syringe and blocked it with clay. After that, we put gas syringe in the tube and filled the tube with hot water. Since carbon dioxide is released during respiration, we assumed that there would be bubbles and they could be a prove that shows respiration is happening. We did see bubbles and volume of material inside the tube increasing , but we couldn’t  figure out how to measure the rate. After finishing our experiment, we got to know that it is better to fix the gas syringe on the bottom of the tube and count bubbles.

I also wrote answers to choice one too. 

  • Basically, respiration is act of respiring. When you hear the word respire, you will probably think of breathing. However, there is a difference between those two words. While breathing is a physical process, respiration can be thought of as more of a chemical process. All organism, even including single cell organisms, undergo respiration. By respiration, the cells of an organism obtain energy by combining oxygen and glucose, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide, water, and ATP.
  • Every living cells need energy. All of this energy comes from the food we eat. The food is digested which means it is broken down into smaller molecules that are absorbed from the intestine into the blood. The blood transport all the nutrients to all the cells in the body. The cells take up nutrient they need. The main nutrient used to provide energy in cell is glucose. Glucose contains a lot of chemical energy. In order to make use of this energy, cells have to break down the glucose molecules and release the energy(ATP) from them.In stage one, glucose is broken down in the cytoplasm of the cell in a process called glycolysis.
  • There are three steps of respiration

1.stage one, glucose is broken down in the cytoplasm of the cell in a process called glycolysis.

2.In stage two, the pyruvate molecules are transported into the mitochondria. The mitochondria are well known as the energy “powerhouses” of the cells. In the mitochondria, the pyruvate, which have been converted into a 2-carbon molecule, enter the Krebs cycle. Mitochondria have an inner membrane with many folds, called cristae. These cristae increase the membrane surface area where many of the cellular respiration reactions take place

3.In stage three, the energy in the energy carriers enters an electron transport chain. This energy is used to produce ATP.

  • Sugar is same as sucrose, which is broken down into glucose in human’s body later on. So when you provide oxygen by blowing hose, there will be combustion reaction going on. Combustion reaction mostly accompanies heat or light.

Dpers Stop Motion Reflection Chloe

1.To what extent did you honor your original partner agreement? Looking back now, what is one thing you should have added to that agreement and how could that help future collaborations?

⇒I think all our agreements were fully honoured. First of all, we divided work equally . We managed to finished work in class so we didn’t have to do that as a homework. Also, I had mentioned earlier during our conversation that my pace of work is quite slow when it comes to IT. My partner helped me with details during the process and waited for me with patience even when I was stuck and figuring out what to do. I don’t think we should have added something more to our agreement because we could already work efficiently with those agreement we had.

2.What did you bring to this collaboration? How well was your partner able to rely on you? What can you do to be more reliable in future projects?

⇒I think what I did well in terms of collaboration is that I listened to my partner’s ideas carefully and presumed positive intentions. Also, we could rely on each other very well because we had the trust that both of us took responsibility of the work. We brought all the things we needed for filming. I liked the way we worked as a group because we kept putting our ideas on the table and we made connection between those in some ways afterwards. Actually the way we respected each other’s opinion made it really for each other easy to suggest ideas and ask questions that might sound even stupid. With that respect and cooperation, we could find good solutions even when we faced challenges such as not having a lego that could show detailed movements of cycling. To be more reliable in the future projects, I think I should develop technical skills and could be able to work more efficiently. In terms of collaboration, it would be better if I could organise thought more clearly before talking to my partner.


Here is a link to my stop motion video!


Original Rationale

What is the ‘emotional significance’ in this moment (what should the audience feel and why?)

⇒The start of Sean’s journey through cycling when he is first choosing his helmet in seaside bike shop and thinking of all the possibilities. Audience should be sympathetic on how excited he was when he got his first helmet and started mountain biking.

What is the tone you want to convey in your work, and how does that reflect the original word choices in the passage?

⇒Looking ahead to possibilities with his helmet but also looking back on the years he has spent with it and how much he has grown as a person throughout. 

Should the interpretation have voice over, music, dialogue, or a combination of all? What guides that decision?

⇒Voice over can be passage of writing background music with some sound effects over.

Summarize the scene in three words and explain why you chose them

⇒Exploration, contemplation, wonder.  Looking ahead with wonder looking back with contemplation and in the present with exploration.

What is one question you would want your audience to wonder about and why?

⇒We want the audience to be curious about what will happen to his journey in the future. Also, I hope them to wonder about what they are passionate about and flashback to the starting point of their own journey also. By doing that, they will be able to figure out how passionate they were about what they are doing regularly these days when they started their journey. For those who don’t have anything they like or enjoy, they will be inspired and will try to find their passion in the future.

Reflection on original rationale

⇒Sean’s helmet has saved him in many dangerous situations and has always been with him since the very start of his journey. Thus, helmet has  special value for him. We wanted to show Sean’s  love for mountain biking and how his helmet symbolises his passion about mountain biking. The video shows overview of his mountain biking journey from the start to a certain point and is able to deliver main message. Even though the main message could be conveyed, it was really difficult for us to explain what helmet means to him and the reason for that in 30 seconds video. I think this is because of the time limitation.

To what extent did you meet the needs of the TIF?

I think that learning about health and nutrition is very useful in students’ lives, but it might be hard for young students to understand contents in details. Hence, we focused on making our lesson to be age appropriate and also considered the fact that their English is not fluent. If we taught them what nutrient each food contains, they could not get the point easily. We also heard from TIF that they already have units about Health and Nutrition. They seemed to be really passionate about improving the quality of their lesson. Since teachers in UWC always plan their lessons to be interactive and compact and know really well how they can drag students’ attention, we could get ideas from what we do in classes. For example, we made students clap once if they could listen to us every time we had to move on to next activity or explain something more in details. We also linked our lesson to traditional culture and environment of Bintan. I think the biggest privilege for TIF of us planning the lesson on Health and Nutrition is that we are from region other than Bintan so we can see the big picture of their present situation and give suggestions to them for some areas of improvement so that TIF could consider those when they teach children. During our lesson, we incorporated language chunks to our activities and made them match language chunks to create full sentences. And our activities also develop collaboration skills and critical thinking skills because students had to work in groups to create a new recipe of the traditional food based on their knowledge and group discussion.  I think TIF staffs really liked one of our activity which was creating new recipe of their traditional food. Students had to pick pictures of vegetables and fruits that they wanted to add in their food and put them in the shopping basket. After creating recipe, they explained why they added those ingredients. I think that it will be better later on when TIF include this activity to their lesson if students also change the style of cooking. One important suggestion that TIF made was more use of space during the lesson. Since young kids find it boring when they have to be stationary for a long time and easily lose interest, I think it would be better to have more activities that are active and interactive. One of appropriate activity we can do is ‘Simon Says’, which group 5 did during their lesson. That game helps student build their basic communication skills in English because they have to follow the instructions spoken in English. Also, Simon says makes them move their body a lot so that students won’t get bored and do a bit of workout.



Gpers presentation reflection

 When creating a lesson plan and preparing the presentation, we had to agonise how we could deliver our lesson more effectively. We had an opportunity to talk to head of grade 6. Also, we did an research ourselves. We made a conclusion that students will start focusing and learn better when they become truly interested in it. To make them do so, it is very important how we approach our topic , nutrition, which might be an hard topic for child to understand easily. Since nutrition is a complicated topic, we thought that it would be necessary for us to draw their attention all the time and check what they are doing frequently. During our lesson, we will always remind ourselves to make everything simple but for students. Also, we should use high impact visuals such as model fruits.

 Our team has realised an importance of social learning for child just as Vygotsky had claimed. Thus, our lesson is composed of many activities that child have to interact with each other to proceed their learning. Of course every content will be taught before they move on to practical activities with peers, but we will put down a bit more challenging questions to them when it comes to activities. We will guide students to discuss each other a lot even when they do small things. When they have questions, they will have to  ask peers who know better before asking us.

 It is obvious that educational standard in the country affects employment rate. I don’t think that high test score is only way to evaluate the standard of the education in the country. Students should be able to learn knowledge and skills that companies and work place require. I think one of the most important aims for our lesson in Bintan is to build students’ critical thinking skills, which is necessary for them to acquire to be competitive modern man. Also, I think that research skills are important. Research will help them acquire skills dealing with laptop and will also help them acquire extensive knowledge that teachers even don’t know and varied perspectives of the people in the world.