Gpers Reflection

Video of the presentation-

I conducted an interview about well-being of villagers. Thus, questions that I asked them were more related to individuals’ daily lives than their economy or work. Based on their answers, workers(mostly men) didn’t seem to have time for their refreshment or self improvement. Women also seemed to spend most of their time on their housework. Since they don’t have time to do so, they don’t have many activities that they enjoy within the community. I think that having one’s own time is really essential for villagers, both for their health conditions and also their self improvement. First of all, workers can work harder when they One  impressive fact was that their choice of  job is very limited. Most of men are fishermen. However, if they had time to develop skills in various fields, they could have found their true aptitude and had better job opportunities.

It was really important for us to go to Bintan and meet villagers(stakeholders) face to face because we could know their situations in detail and find better solutions for them, not anyone else.

What I did well was having varied questions that helped me understand their overall well-being. Also, I tried to make eye contact with the camera and the audience. What I should improve is having more specific questions and explaining things more in details.



FIB Drama Collaborative Project

Intentional Reflection-

I’ve never learned drama before, but I think skills that I had already had was creativity and agility. I enjoy thinking  out of the box and I’ve learned Pilates for many years, which helped me develop agility and smooth movement. I used those skill sets to give ideas to our group and express emotions and situations throughout movement. I think skills that I should work on more is use of space and level.

Evaluative Reflection-

Communication between fellow actors worked really well. All of us thought about the piece outside of the classroom as well and thus gave an idea frequently.  Also, we respected other’s ideas and helped each other develop them further. However, occasionally, even though we had intention, it was hard to choose way of showing idea.

Retrospective Reflection-

I learned that it is really important to think out of the box when devising a piece. It gave me an significant lesson to me not only as a drama student but also as a human being. Sometimes, I feel like I am trapping myself from being different and unique because I am afraid of people’s criticism or misunderstanding. However, now I know that being in a rut is not helpful for anything.


Action Points

-Use of more space

-More interaction with fellow actors on the stage

-Smooth connection 


This time, I made a video about social media. It was my first time using iMovie to produce a video, so it was quite hard to make a high-quality video. However, I became interested in film throughout this opportunity.

Link for the first draft-

Link for the final video-

The most important thing I need to work on to improve my film during next lesson is using appropriate background music and sound effects more to help people understand the video better.

My final film is meant to be 2-3 minutes, and my video is almost 2 minutes. However, regardless of  length of the video, next time, I would like to use B roll effectively to make a video that is more aesthetic.

Of my FIVE statements about social media, the one that is the trickiest to communicate in the video is  ‘we rely on technology too much when communicating with each other.’ I say this because it was even hard for me to know which statement that part of the video is talking about just by looking  two people on their phones.

The most challenging part was using iMovie to create videos since it was my first time using it. Every process was a challenge for me. Even though I asked people when I didn’t know something, it even took really long to combine videos in right order. So I think efficiency of use of the time is something that I should work on continuously. But even though I faced difficulties, I didn’t give up and carried on. I revisited instructions video on Teamie and also watched others video and thought I could do more.

When Pranav and I were working as a pair, we put ideas a lot and developed them throughout conversations. Also, we helped each other. Pranav helped me 




Do You Get Enough Exercise?

I know that exercising regularly is necessary and is also helpful for mind control.  So I try to exercise at least three times a week. But even though I have spare time, I don’t really feel like exercising and do something else.  I think it is important to regard work out as a everyday routine, not something uncomfortable.

FIVE most beautiful words I know

I read an article, ‘Cellar Door’,  on The NewYork Times Magazine. Writer thinks that there are many elements that make words beautiful. I do agree with that. Five beautiful words are love, mother, home, mellifluous, Fika(Swedish), Nunchi(Korean).

Even though a word ‘mother’ is always included to the lists of beautiful words, I still believe that it’s one of the most beautiful words because when people say mother, they feel relaxed and touching somehow.

A word ‘home’ is also relaxing when you hear this word. Home is also mentioned a lot as a beautiful word.

Mellifluous is a sound that is smooth and musical, pleasing to hear. I think this word sounds beautiful and has beautiful meaning at the same time and that’s why I chose it.

Fika is a coffee break between friends or colleagues, often accompanied by pastries. I was web surfing and saw this word. It was a coincidence, but I wanted to know the meaning and searched on the web. Countries’ words reflect their own culture or life routine. I think idea of having coffee breaks with people around you is unique but kind of similar to people in my country, South Korea, because most of them have coffee time after lunch.

Actually, Nunchi is a English version of  the word written in Korean(not translating) . It is an ability to gauge the mood of others, read the atmosphere and react appropriately. I chose this word because I’m Korean and I really want to teach this word to foreigners. Actually there isn’t a transitive English  word for Nunchi but even if you don’t define it as a word, most people have this. For example, you might have had an experience of realizing your friend is in a bad mood even though he or she didn’t tell you anything. That’s a really good example of Nunchi.  In a real life, Nunchi helps you handle the crisis and keep good relationships with others.