Wellbeing: Sleep

Sleep. The strange thing you have to do every night. A strange escape into the world of dreams perhaps if we were to be poetic. How much of it really am I getting? Quite frankly, I actually don’t know. I suppose if we were to do the Math, I get at least about 3 hours of nap time and 4 hours of night sleep. So, 7 hours give or take. Less on a bad day. More on a good day. That’s a lot better than last year where I used to get only about 3 hours of sleep consistently. The improvement has come at the cost of work time of course and I have had to do a bit of last minute weekend cramming to make up for it. 5 AM on Saturday. 5 AM. Overall though, it’s been a far more energetic year for me. I can actually function in the morning to the degree that I am overtly hyperactive even. It’s fun being so full of energy really. And keeping in mind that Heidi and Will called me “napper of the year” because I was so sleepy last year, that is AMAZING.

Also: a good breakfast does seem to help get through the day. It’s because I have hotdogs, wraps, pizza and other high energy foods for breakfast right? It does seem to contribute to that extra burst of energy I need for the start of the day.

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