LO5: More Service

One of the interesting things about COVID-19 has been the way we were arguably forced to collaborate more as a service. We tended to focus mostly on working in small groups with the elderly when we were able to go to the lodge. However, with COVID we tended to work more as a group on school related awareness projects. This meant that it was quite important to try and divide up work within the group to have it completed

LO3: Local Service Closing Reflection

It’s a rather odd experience planning for something one isn’t going to engage in. As the chair of our local service, Cognitive Rehabilitation with Apex Harmony Lodge, for the past year, I was interestingly involved in preparing the new batch of students in our group for the coming year. This meant that I was planning for sessions with our local service partner, which would likely be conducted online, that I wasn’t going to be part of. My job then was to try and best prepare the group in a manner that they could hopefully apply some of the lessons we’d learned last year to the upcoming year. Which isn’t as easy as it may sound given that we hardly had any people from last year continuing over. What I did in the end was to try and share my experiences last year the best I could and choose new chairs that I thought could best handle their new role. In the future, I would think it would be better if we had more measures in place to encourage Grade 10s to carry over their local service into Grade 11

LO2: Warhammer Club- Initial Reflection

The first thing I realised upon walking into Warhammer Club is that I didn’t have any clue what on Earth was going on. Warhammer, for those who aren’t familiar is a tabletop wargame with seemingly very complicated rules. Perhaps given that I joined halfway through the Season, everyone else seemed to know what they were doing except for me. In a way then, this is a challenge of its own given that the rulebook is actually as thick as a book and it’s quite a lot of material to read through and understand. I do seem to be making some progress already though given the explanations from Iman so we will see how quickly I figure this out

LO1: Kenjutsu, closing reflection

Looking back near the end of the CAS process, I do feel like the regular attendance brought about by CAS has been beneficial to my overall development of my skills, however there are still a lot of issues mainly in regards to how there are still basic aspects that are brought up as lacking in my practice. For example, my footwork is still being noted as being too much of a “shuffle step” at times whereas just last class, my stance slipped into becoming side-on during sparring. I think the way forward is likely a greater attention to detail to address these things and others

LO6 and LO7

On a  worldwide level, looking at the coronavirus as a global issue it is interesting to see the degree to which it is able to affect issues on a degree of detail we perhaps never even thought about. There’s the obvious examples of course, us not being able to go to service at Apex Harmony Lodge due to the virus for example but even more so, although we weren’t able to go there for project week, it was quite surprising to hear how Blue Dragon did have to suspend many of their rescue operations until after the virus due to tighter border controls and it being harder to bring over people from China. The interesting consideration here though is what might happen if we AREN’T a rare generation. If there’s a virus outbreak every year like this will the world resume doing what the world does at some point? On one hand of course, we would start having to normalise eventually under such a scenario. But at the same time, if the virus is bad enough to close down schools and so on now, it would still be bad enough to close down schools even if there were 10 more such outbreaks in the next 10 years. Ethically speaking that’s quite interesting because if that were to happen, the fatality rate might stay the same but people’s perceptions might change. There are plenty of conditions after all (natural aging for starters) that most of society has come to accept after all due to how prevalent it is. It isn’t quite considered a global emergency that the biggest killer of humans is natural aging because there’s so much of it and if the outbreaks don’t end and we have corona 2, then corona 3, on to corona x… we will likely see a situation in which even though the facts of the situation might remain roughly similar, the response to it could drastically shift. I doubt that society as a whole is ready to adjust their schedule to such a degree that we would have permanent social distancing and online school. At the same time however, in some higher risk cases: elderly homes for instance, we might see drastic changes. Under such a scenario where there’s always a virus it may very well be that some of our service with the elderly may have to permanently end as we would likely be doing more harm than good. In the more generic sense though, it’s interesting to think that the virus isn’t actually so bad that if the situation were to  continue indefinitely we would fundamentally change our way of life. Though that being said, the situation we are in with mandated social distancing and all has given free reign to governments around the world to exercise a  degree of power that they might not have been able to get away with otherwise… if the virus doesn’t end, it would be too easy to perpetually excuse an expansion of executive power even in so called western democracies and we would likely all be worse off for it.

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